We hope you all had a marvelous Monday!

Firstly we would like to congratulate Isla and her family on the arrival of their baby. On Friday Isla welcomed another baby sister to the family. We are all so happy for you and your family and hope baby and mum are both doing well.

In morning group time Miss Jaime asked the children how their weekends were as she knew a couple of the children had some exciting new to share. First she asked Isla if she wanted to share anything and she very proudly said, “I got baby sister,” with a smile on her face. Miss Jaime then asked Austin if he had any exciting news he wanted to share and Austin nodded his head but didn’t say anything. Miss Jaime then asked about his new puppy he got on the weekend. Austin then had the biggest grin on his face and was excited to say that he got a new puppy called Yoshi. Miss Jaime then asked the other children what they did on the weekend and Willa shared some stories about her going to Australia Zoo and Oliver said he did some games at home. The rest of the children didn’t feel like sharing which was ok.

Today Austin brought in some alphabet stamps and letter sticks he wanted to share with his peers. During activity time Miss Cindy set up a table with the stamps on it, paper and their name tags. This was such a great way for the children to practice spelling out their names. It was such a hit with everyone. Thank you so much Austin for bringing them in and sharing them with all of us.

Last week Miss Jaime was working with the children one on one to further assess and develop their cutting skills and she continued this with the children today. In March she asked the children all to participate in some cutting and this time she put their work from this month on the table and took not of how they have improved and to control they are showing when using the scissors. They have all been doing such an amazing job we are so proud of them. Miss Jaime will continue doing this to ensure she sits down with each of the children one on one. Cutting is an important skill which they need to know for school as some of their work will require cutting. Cutting can be quite a complex movement while they are developing their fine motor skills as they have to control the movement of the scissors by opening and closing them as well as the direction in which they are cutting. The supporting had then had to hold the paper which is being cut and feed it through the scissors, so there is quite a lot going on when cutting which the children need to think and they are doing so amazing at this.

Ivy was very excited today as she brought in a book ‘Goodnight Nola,’ which she wanted to share with everyone. After quiet time Miss Jaime asked the children to sit in front of the queen and read it to them. After the book Ivy then told everyone that this was a special book as it was given to her from her uncle. Thank you so much Ivy for sharing this special book with us.

We hope you all have a great afternoon and evening!


Miss Jaime, Miss Jess Cindy+-