Good afternoon everyone! We hope you have all had a marvellous Monday!


What an interesting morning we had today. To start the day we sat on the carpet for our morning group time. Miss Jaime introduced the letter of the week which is the amazing letter A! First they looked at the letter A to see what the capital looks like as well as the lower case followed by the sound that it makes. They then brainstormed the letter, coming up with some great letters that begin with the A sound. We then sang our ‘Jolly Phonics’ song where the children practiced the letter sound to a song.


After exploring the letter A we were just about the move off the carpet when we heard we were having a fire drill. Miss Jaime then announced “FIRE DRILL! Everyone line up quickly and quietly.” Everyone lined up and we walked out nice and calm to our evacuation point. There we sat down and Miss Jaime called the roll. Miss Kylie and Miss Jo both came over to make sure we were all ok and to tell us on how good we were doing. Once it was over we walked back into our room and sat down. Here we had a quick discussion about the importance of a fire drill and why we need to make sure when we practice these we move quickly, quietly and most important have our listening ears switched on. We are very proud of the Kindy 2 children for following all of the instructions given to them this morning.


This week we are focusing on name writing assessments with the children. Miss Jaime and Miss Pishaya are spending one on one time with each of the children as we encourage them to practice writing their names. Through these assessments it’s a great time for us to look at each individual children’s skills. We take note if they can recognise their own name when looking through the name tags to assist with their writing. We also look at their fine motor development looking closely at hand preference and pencil grip. Another thing we like to look at is the children’s confidence and if they are having trouble can they ask for help. Each of the children were happy to sit down and write their names, at some stages throughout the morning there was a small line of children waiting for their turn to sit down and write with Miss Jaime or Miss Pishaya.

We had sport with Mr Sam today. When Mr Sam appeared at our door everyone was very excited to see him and ran out to quickly get their hats. Today they had a throwing game where they were each given a small bean bag and they had to try and throw it in one of the hula hoops Mr Sam had placed on the ground. After this game they then played a freeze game. The children stood down one end of the yard and Mr Sam walked away so his back was to them. Then children had to try and walk up to him, but if he turned around they had to freeze. If any of them moved he would chase them all back down to the end of the yard. They had so much fun playing this game with Mr Sam.

Have a great afternoon and evening everyone!

Miss Jaime and Miss Pishaya

Written by Kindy Room 2