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Good afternoon everyone! We hope you all had a fun fabulous freaky Friday!!!!


First we would like to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kotaro who turned 5!! This morning we had a party for Kotaro who brought in cupcakes to share with all of his friends. We hope you had an amazing birthday and thank you for celebrating your birthday with us.


What a fun but sad day we had today as we have had to say goodbye to our good friend Ezekiel from next door. Kindergarten ! was so kind and invited us to a farewell party for him in the afternoon. We very happily accepted this offer and decided we would make a contribution to the party so we decided to make some cupcakes today.


During morning group time Miss Jaime sat with the children and explained that they were going to make cupcakes for everyone in Kindergarten. They were very excited by this, but first they needed to talk about the steps involved in making the cupcakes. Using the white board Miss Jaime asked the children what they thought the first step would be, of course this was washing our hands with soap. We then talked about gathering the equipment we needed and the ingredients and when to put them in all the way to cooking the cupcakes and the final step of course eating them…YUMMM!! By writing all of the steps down helps develop the children’s pre literacy skills as they begin to make connections between text and understanding they have a meaning. Here they are making the connection that text can help us create and make as we are given instructions that we need to follow.


While making the cupcakes this incorporates an aspect of science as by adding different ingredients it can change the consistency of the cake mix. After placing the cake mix in Miss Jaime asked the children if it was dry or wet, they all agreed it was dry. Then adding the eggs, water and oil and before mixing she asked if it was still dry. Some of them noticed that some was wet and some was dry. The children who were at the table all had a turn of mixing it together. As they were mixing it Miss Jaime asked what was happening and they said that it wasn’t dry anymore, so by adding some ingredients can change the consistency and the texture of the cake mix. After they were cooked we talked about how they had changed again to a more solid form instead of the wet more liquid like form it was before it went into the oven.


Being a party day we were lucky enough to have the jumping castle set up. The children were so excited when they saw it being set by Mr Peter. They were all really good in following the rules and waiting for their turn. They remembered from last time only four people at a time were able to be on the jumping castle and when the teacher said it was time to hope off they all jumped off and went to the back of the line to wait their turn again if they wanted another turn.


We had Arakan today and Mr Brad was back today. The children were all very excited when they saw Mr Brad walking past our room before he came back to collect them. They played their favourite game where they have to be concentrating really hard and protect their head quickly if they think Mr Brad is going to tap on there.


Have a great afternoon and an amazing weekend!

Miss Jaime, Miss Pishaya, Mr Hiroshi and Mr Rae