We hope you all had a fun fabulous freaky Friday!

We had a lot of fun today and were super busy.

This week in our morning group time we have been exploring the letter L. Yesterday some of the children made the letter L in the peg boards and some even laid in pairs on the floor to make the shape also. To follow on with this today Miss Jaime explained to them at the end of morning group time they would be going outside for a walk around the centre to look for things that they could make into the letter L. They all really liked this idea and were quick to put their sun screen and hats on their heads. We lined up and walked first down to the yard. The children rushed through the gate to find something in yard they could make the letter L with. Some wrote it in the sandpit while others made it out of some leaves they found. We then moved into the pirate ships yard. The Junior kindy room was out playing so we had to be very careful as they are smaller then the big Kindy Two children. When the gate was opened, again they rushed through and went straight up to the back garden. In the garden there were some big logs and the children were strong enough to lift them up and roll them to be able to form the letter L shape. We have some children also making them out of different sticks and bark which they found in the garden. We were going to go into the toddler yard but they were out using the yard and we thought they are even smaller then the Junior Kindy children so it might not be a a good idea to go in with them incase we accidently bump them over. We then walked back up to yard and said to the children that they could stay out and play if they liked. We found that they were so excited making the letter L that they continued this in our yard before playing. We loved seeing how excited they were to form the letter L out of natural things they found around the centre.

While outside today we put some music on for the children to dance to. Boy did we see some groovy moves today. We saw a gorilla dance, the floss and even some break dancing which was super cool. Some songs came on, like Frozen which the children love to sing to so we all had a sing along as well as dancing.

Miss Jess was busy today making a pattern making game on the Perspex. She brought in the big Perspex inside as it normally outdoors. She laminated some coloured shapes and placed Velcro on the back of them and then Velcro on the large Perspex. The children then made some patterns using the shapes. Miss Jess assisted the children if they needed a bit of reminding how a shape was formed. They did such an awesome job.

We had some delicious meals todays.

We hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Miss Jaime, Miss Jess and Miss Cindy