Good afternoon, can’t believe we almost reach the end of the month of May. This morning children were so happy playing with their friend in the yard. Henrik, Odin, Gabriel, Luke, Tanner and Hamish were so busy with their huge volcano that they built together. They keep on adding more water into it. They always excited when water splashing. Henrik said, “It’s erupting.”

At the table Hannah, R, Hannah, D, Talia and Ellen enjoyed their drawing and colouring together. When Kai and Kotaro arrived they also join in at the table and drew their best picture that they want to take it home and showed their parent. Kai, Dion and Kotaro were obsessed with numbers and letters at the moment. Korato was so excited to show Miss Pishaya and Miss Jaime of Kai’s name that he made out of play dough. Dion and Kai enjoyed with the teddy bear race game that they needed to roll the dice and counted how many steps they needed to move each time.  

Today we chance a little bit of our morning routine and having our morning group time outside. Tanner said that he loved it so much that he could have fresh air while we were learning. It was lovely to see how everyone enjoyed it and able to focus more through their learning experience


At activity time Miss Jaime went out with some children who wanted to complete our volcano paper mache and have fun with the sensory play in the celmix tub. Everyone couldn’t wait to see when it dried so they could paint and might try the volcano eruption experiment on it.

To extend children learning experience about pattern that they have been learning through this week Miss Pishaya set up one of the tables with colour straw treading.  Many children came to join in with the activity but they enjoyed treading the straw instead of focusing on their pattern so Miss Pishaya changed the plan and made the group game that everyone enjoyed learning about the pattern instead before lunchtime. Everyone was so excited when they got a turn to pick up the next card or toy for each pattern. What a fun way to learn about pattern


At Arakan with Mr Brad today was so much fun. Children took the big challenge on the huge obstacle course that Mr Brad set up and tried their best break the record of the last competitor did. They also cheered their friends when each one of them went on their turn.


What a great fun week. Hope everyone have an awesome weekend and see you all again next week.

Miss Jaime, Miss Danna and Miss Pishaya






Written by Kindy Room 2