We hope you all had a fun fabulous freaky Friday!

What a fun and excited day we had today. This morning the children had Arakan with Mr Tim which they were super excited about. Today Mr Tim focused on straight palm hitting. What he noticed was that with each of the children they would pull their hand back past their shoulder and head to get a bigger swing and would then hit the focus pad. However this was not the aim of it so he stopped the children and asked them all to stand in their neutral stance position with their hands in front of them against their chest and the back of their hands touching. From their they had to take their hand and push it straight forward to the focus pad. After doing this demonstration the children were able to achieve the correct straight palm hit, with only the occasionally forgetful wind up as they took their hand hand back too far.

The children have been working really hard in the back garden and the vegetables they are growing are coming along great. So we decided to take a table and chairs up the back garden with the table top easels and paint. Miss Jaime took four children up at a time to sit down. After they all sat at the table she would then ask them to look around the garden to see what they can see and then listen to the sounds they can hear. Once they did this she asked them to paint their picture of the garden. The children focused so well while painting and they painted some spectacular pictures. It was interesting watching them paint as each of them picked up different things in the garden. Some would paint the birds they could hear. Others said that they wanted to grow pineapples in the garden so they painted the garden with pineapples. Some also noticed an old large brick and painted this. Each of the pictures were so unique and wonderful. It was also very relaxing being up in the back garden being creative.

This week we have been exploring the letter V and the children have been making volcanoes. Today Miss Cindy brought in the magic ingredients to make a volcano erupt. She took the children outside and she asked them to make a volcano with the sand and she placed a pipe in the middle. When the volcano was built they then decided that they wanted to put small twigs with leaves on them to be the trees and dinosaurs. She then placed in the Bicarb Soda. As she did she asked the children what it looked like. They said it was white and a powder. She then took out the Vinegar and held it out for the children smell. Some turned their noses up at it as they did not like the smell at all while others didn’t mind it. She asked what they vinegar looked like, and the children described it as looking like water. She then asked the children to watch as she poured the vinegar in the pipe where she had already placed the bicarb soda. The children started screaming and laughing with excitement as they saw the chemical reaction as it all frothed up and came up the top and ran down the sand volcano like it would on a real volcano. When the reaction stopped occurring they asked if she could do it again, so placed some more ingredients in and the children were just as excited the second time. When they finished Miss Cindy asked the children if when the ingredients came out of the top it looked the same as it did when it went in. The children all agreed that it looked different and explained that a chemical reaction occurred which then changed them and that is why it all came out the top like it did.

Just a reminder and incase you haven’t seen the email invite. On Wednesday 4th August we are very proud to be celebrating National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day this year. At 4:15pm in the carpark Uncle Allan will starting it with a smoking ceremony and then from 4:30 to 5:30 we will be having lots of different fun activities and games in the carpark which reflect their culture, there will even be a sausage sizzle. We hope you can all come and enjoy the evening with us.

Have a great afternoon and evening everyone!


Miss Jaime, Miss Jess and Miss Cindy