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Jingeri everyone!!! We hope you have all had a fun fabulous freak Friday!!!


Wow what a day we have had!!! First we would like to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Miss Pishaya!!!


This morning the children were all very excited to come to kindergarten all dressed up again for Book Week. Though today wasn’t any ordinary dress up day, we were invited as guests over to Bellevue Park State School to participate in their Book Week Parade. In the morning the children sat down with Miss Jaime and went through the safety rules as we would be leaving the centre and walking next to a road and crossing it. We marked the roll and then the children lined up in pairs ready to go. Along with kindy one we walked out of the gates into the big wide world. The children followed the safety rules and walked very sensibly next to and across the road. When we arrived to the school we walked into the hall and sat right up at the front. While the children were sitting and waiting as the hall filled up with all of the school children they were so fascinated looking around them and looking at the older children. Before the school teachers began to talk they put up their hand, we noticed that all of the children in the hall put up their hand and this meant that they are quiet, the kindergarten children also noticed this and followed their lead. After listening to the teachers talk it was finally time, our big moment. We were first and we WENT ON THE STAGE!!!! The teachers invited us up and the children all bravely walked up and stood on the stage in front of a hall full of people to show their amazing dress ups. While we were up their the children waved to everyone and then spun around so everyone could have a better look at their costumes. After this the hall filled with claps and cheers and we walked down off the stage and back to where we were sitting. After our turn we then watched as all of the classes had their turn in going up on stage. We had to sit there for an extended amount of time and the children all did so well. We could see smiles on their faces and hear laughs as they looked at the other children’s costumes. After the parade we then went out onto the grass and Miss Jaime went through the safety rules again and we walked back to school in our lines. Miss Jaime and Miss Pishaya are so very proud of the children and how well behaved they were today and in following the safety rules. Great job kindy 2!!!!


When we came back to the centre we had a nice little surprise, Mr Brad was here wating for us to do Arakan but we also had his brother Mr Aaron! Today Mr Brad and Mr Aaron set up an obstacle course for the children to participate in. They had a lot of fun cheering for each other and seeing who was the fastest to move through it.


In the afternoon we had a nice surprise for Miss Pishaya! Along with kindy one we all sat outside and had a little party for Miss Pishaya. We all sat together and sang her ‘Happy Birthday’ and cheered as she blew the candles out on her cake. The children presented Miss Pishaya with her Birthday card which they all had all helped Miss Jaime make and then ate some yummy birthday cake! We hope you had a fantastic birthday Miss Pishaya!


Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Miss Jaime, Miss Pishaya, Mr Hiroshi and Mr Rai