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Jingeri! We hope you have all had a fun fabulous freaky Friday!


We have had such a fun week this week exploring dragons. This interest started from the children when they were outside going on a dragon hunt. We love extending on the children’s interests through literacy and play. So today we continued to follow on with this. Today’s activity was fire breathing dragon heads. In arts and crafts the children were provided with green paper, with this paper they had to roll it up to make a cylinder and then put some sticky tape on it to hold. At one end they put some googly eye and on the other end was of course the mouth and this is where the fire comes from. So very carefully the children had to stick red and orange strips of paper around it. When they were finished the paper just dangled down, but when they blew into it the roared the paper flew up like the dragon was breathing out fire. They really enjoyed this activity and we had dragons flying around the room all day breathing out the fire.


Miss Jaime spent some time sitting at a table and taking turns with the children playing “Beat the Bear Bingo.” This game works on the children letter recognition skills. Three children sat down at a time to engage in the game. As they picked up a card Miss Jaime would encourage them to say the word, through looking at the pictures they were able to work out the word. Miss Jaime then asked them what is the first letter or sound of the word. If the children didn’t know the name of the letter Miss Jaime then encouraged them to say the word and then say the first sound of the word. Thinking back to the beginning of the year the children have come a really long way with being able to recognise letters and identifying the first sounds. Miss Jaime and Pishaya are so very proud of all of the children. What was also noticed today while this game, at the beginning of the year only a select few children enjoyed playing this game where now all of the children enjoy having a turn. Bring on school next year.

We had Arakan with Mr Brad today. The children really do enjoy seeing him, he was standing at the door today and they all ran up to the door to greet him before Miss Jaime and Miss Pishaya had noticed he was there. Mr Brad was being a bit of a tricksta today, in wamr up he was encouraging the children to move their bodies. One of the things he asked if they could do was to hold their arms up in the air and move each arm the opposite way. This was a lot of fun as the children tried really hard to do this. He then challenged Miss Jaime though she was able to. We all then started to rub our tummies and tap our heads. This all made us laugh.


We don’t know if any of you have noticed but our pump in the sandpit was replaced the other week. The children have been really excited to have it back. Today because it was such a nice warm day we filled the pump up for them. Though the pump is new so it is a stiff compared to our last one which had been worn out a lot. This means that the children need to use a lot of muscle to move the lever up and down. Miss Jaime helped the children get it moving and then encouraged them to do it own their own. They were very persistant with it, no matter how hard it as they continued to try and move. Eventually though it did loosen up a bit with all of the water being pumped through.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Miss Jaime, Miss Pishaya and Mr Hiroshi