We hope you all had a fun fabulous freaky Friday!

We started the day off outside, we spoke about the clouds and the storm we heard last night and that we weren’t sure if it was going g to rain today so we need to spend as much time outside in the morning as possible just incase we can’t come out again.

Being Friday we had our morning Arakan class with Mr Tim. They were very excited to see Mr Tim standing tat the door ready for class. Today in class there was a big focus on protecting themselves. Mr Tim asked them to line up and then said as he walks along the line they either have to protect their head or stomach’s before he make contact with them and he isn’t going to tell them which one he is going to do. This required a lot of concentration from them and they did amazing. Mr Tim then introduced them to kicking which they haven’t done before in class. The asked the children to show him how they kick and noticed that they are kicking with their toes. He spent time with each of them showing them how to stand properly and kicking with the bottom of their foot. When they were ready Mr Tim put a focus pad on his hand and the children each had a turn. As they kicked he made the focus pad fly across the yard as if they kicked so hard. They found this hilarious and were all laughing as each other kicked the focus pad away. Thanks Mr Tim for teaching us some new fun skills.

Inside we focused letter and sound recognition through the game Bear Bingo. While playing g this game they followed the turn taking style of the game and followed the rules. Each time they picked up a card they were encouraged to say the word on the card which they could identify as they had pictures on them as well. After saying the word they were then encouraged to identify the beginning sound of the word and say the letter if they knew it. They then matched it up to their card. Each time they picked up a bear piece there was a lot of noise as they really didn’t want the bear to win the game.

On the carpet area the Duplo was very popular today. In a group they worked together to build a big house. They joined the large boards and built the house ups they all worked together. When  it was finished, the pretended that they were living in the house by using their imaginations to pretend that pretend that were all in different areas of the house. While they were pretending to be into he house some of them were working to the side on a car which was meant to go with the house but as they continued to build on it the car ended up being really big and they said it was now a smash car and they used it to knock down the whole house. We love seeing the children playing and interacting together. Here they were working collaboratively together as they shared their ideas and listened to each other’s as they engaged in pretend play.

Due to the rain last night it meant that the soil outside was very damp and this real,y excited the children. There was a large group of them over by the deck where there is a lot of dirt. They took some shovels over there from the sand and started digging. They noticed that there were lots of worms very close to the surface and they didn’t have to dig far at all. Miss Jaime was talking to them while they we’re digging and asked the children if they think because the soil was damp that was why the worms where close to the top. Some agreed and others weren’t sure. They enjoyed picking up the worms and watching them wiggle. Miss Jaime reminded the children that worms are living creature so we need to respect them and after having a quick look to put them back into the soil.

We hope you all have a great long weekend and enjoy this sunrise that the weather man is saying is on the way.


Miss Jaime and Miss Jess