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Jingeri! We hope you all had a fun fabulous freaky Friday!


What a fun we had today! Talia brought in a special book from home which was all about space. During morning group time Miss Pishaya asked Talia if they could have a look at it. Briefly they looked through the book and saw many pictures of space and the different planets and star constellations. The book was full of information and the children really liked it. During afternoon group time Miss Jaime asked if we could have a look at the book again. We looked a bit closer at the space ships and the different machines they have used to explore space and some of the planets.


With the interest of space we are working on making a space display so today we began making a space ship by painting a box all white. We talked about what a spaceship looks like and referred back to Talia’s book and then thought as a group of what we need to make it a complete spaceship.


We had Arakan with Mr Brad today, they were all super excited to see him. Today Mr Brad focused on hitting with strength. Though before they started Mr Brad did explain that we only do this in Arakan class and if we are feeling unsafe with someone, the children all agreed they would not do it on each other or when they go home. He then showed them how to hold their fists and to punch with power. They really enjoyed doing this and turned it into a bit of a competition to see who could punch with the most power. Mr Brad did say that they were all very strong.


Over the past couple of months the children have had a very strong interest in making cubby houses. Inside they will rearrange the furniture and use the cushions and different sheets of material. Today the main structure of their cubby house was the queen chair and they piled cushion on to it while another sat on it and they called it their cubby house. They carried on their interest outside today using the folding soft fall mats. They dragged about five mats up onto the forte and positioned them so they were standing up. Because they had the fold lines they used them to create a door. After playing with them like for a while they then decided to lift one of the mats up and rest it on top to create a roof. They had so much fun pretending this was a house and sat in their house up on the forte looking out at everyone in the yard playing.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Miss Jaime, Miss Pishaya and Mr Rai