We hope you have all had a fun fabulous freaky Friday!!!

What a day we had today. Thankfully it had stopped raining for the day, so we were able to go outside after being stuck inside all day yesterday. The children loved being able to run around and climb the trees. This year they have really conquered the climbing trees so they have moved onto the bamboo. It is really amazing being able to watch them climb the bamboo as they wedge themselves in between it and then shimmy themselves up and getting quite high up, higher then all the teachers. When they are up they then chill for awhile and talk to the teachers and peers below.

Yesterday in the room Miss Jaime made a Christmas tree on the table with some tape. She then placed some green, red and white buttons with it and encouraged the children to get creative and fill it in making different patterns and colour groups. Yesterday they spread the buttons around and filled it in. However, today when we provided this activity again the children didn’t just spread the buttons around, they worked in a small group to sort the colours of the buttons and place them in their colour groups to fill up the Christmas tree. They were really proud of themselves and ran to tell Miss Jaime so she could have a look. She then asked if she could take a photo and all the children who helped make it all posed at the top end of the tree.

We had our last ever Arakan lesson for the year with Mr Ben today. The children were so excited to see him arrive that they all raced over to the door and lined up ready to go. Today they revised what they have been learning for the year which was how to protect themselves and how to assert themselves. Plus they were able to play their favourite game of Hide ‘n’ Seek with the focus pads. When the lessons finished they all wished Mr Ben a very Merry Christmas.

Still one of the favourite activities in the room at the moment is puzzles. Each time Miss Jaime asks the children what they would like on the tables someone always puts up their hand and says puzzles. Today was different. The children placed a puzzle on the table and as soon as it was done they packed it away and took a new one out to complete. While the children are engaging in the puzzles we are seeing such great positive interactions between them all. They are working so well together and helping each other out. They are also using such lovely verbal language as they engage in conversations with each other.

7 more sleeps till Christmas everyone!!!

Have a great afternoon and weekend everyone!!!


Miss Jaime, Miss Nicole and Miss Rei