Good afternoon everyone! We hope you have all had a fun fabulous freaky Friday!!We sure did.


We have noticed that many of the children have been very interested in letters and sounds and are initiating conversations with us teachers about different letters and sounds and trying to figure out the beginning sounds of different words. So following on with this and their strong interest in board and card games we brought out the game ‘Beat the Bear Bingo’ which is a letter game and focuses on the beginning sounds and letters. Miss Jaime sat with the children in groups of three as that is how many can play the game at one time. While playing she encouraged the children work out the beginning sound of the word and try to match it up with their card. Miss Jaime was really surprised with how well the children are grasping their letters and sounds. The aim of the game was for one of the children to get bingo before a bear was made, if the bear was completed then the bear wins. This was a very popular game so many children were standing around watching and waiting for their turn. They were all so excited and cheering each other on as they didn’t want the bear to win the game.


Being Friday of course we had Arakan today. The children were so excited when they saw Mr Brad standing at the door. He took them outside and everyone stood up on the step ready to go. Today the children played 2 games where they had to follow the instructions and try not to get out. The instructions included covering their heads and stomachs to practice their reflexes. If Mr Brad tapped them on the head or stomach before they covered it then they were out. This was very serious all of the children were concentrating very hard as they wanted to all be the last ones standing. The winner of the first game was Ava and the second game we had two winners Hannah R and Ava. Well done girls.


While we were playing outside the children heard the garbage truck. They waited at the gate and Miss Jaime opened it up and took them out. They lined up along the fence and watched as the garbage truck collected all of the rubbish. They then started a chant saying , “Garbage truck, garbage truck,” over and over. As the truck reversed up to exit the car park he can as close as he  could to the fence. As he did this the children put their hands in their air and pulled it down asking him to honk the horn. The garbage truck man honked the horn and then drove off as the children cheered. He also put his hand out of the window and gave them a big wave and they all waved back. We love our Friday visits from the garbage truck!!


Have a great evening and weekend everyone! See you all next week for another fabulous week of learning!

Miss Jaime, Miss Pishaya and Miss Danna

Written by Kindy Room 2