Good afternoon everyone! We hope you all had a fun fabulous freaky Friday!!


First we would like to wish Hannah R and Luke a massive HAPPY 5thBIRTHDAY! We hope you both a lot of fun celebrating your birthday with us we hope you both have an amazing day on Sunday!


We had such a fun day today. This morning the sun was out, even though it was a bit chilly it didn’t slow us down out in the yard. The children had lots of fun riding the bikes and engaging in ball games where they were kicking and throwing the ball to each other.


This week is NAIDOC week and being Friday we had a fun activity planned. During group time this morning Miss Jaime asked if they remembered what colour the Aboriginal flag was, they all remembered we had one on the wall we made early in the year so were easily able to tell Miss Jaime what colours are on the flag. Miss Jaime then asked the children if they knew what the colours mean on the flag, they were very confident in knowing that the yellow represents the sun though weren’t sure about the black and red so Miss Jaime informed them that black represents their skin and the red is for the land.


During activity time we had an activity where the children were provided with a biscuit, black icing, red icing and a piece of banana. Miss Jaime asked if with these ingredients the children could an Aboriginal flag on the biscuit. Each of the children sat down to have a turn. They were very careful in spreading the icing around on the biscuit to ensure that they only put each colour on one side and not to mix them. Once the icing was on they then placed the banana in the middle to represent the yellow sun.


The children were very excited when Miss Jaime told them that it was Arakan day and asked if they could hide and Mr Brad which has become a bit of a ritual within our room. Miss Jaime had noticed that Kindergarten One had nearly finished their session with him so she quickly rang the bell and asked the children if they still wanted to hide and scare him. They still wanted to and just like that the room was packed away, we have never seen them pack away so fast. Amongst themselves they decided that they wanted to hide under the stairs outside so they all ran out and hid. Mr Brad walked through the room and out through the side door. As he did the children jumped up and ran to him making scary sounds and laughing. They really enjoy doing this with Mr Brad.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Miss Jaime, Miss Pishaya and Mr Hiroshi

Written by Kindy Room 2