It was beautiful this morning. Children were playing nicely together in the yard. After Caesar finished his healthy breakfast he had a cool plan of building band with friends. He Told Miss Pishaya that he want to be the drummer. Talia, Olivia and Lucas came along to help him gather all instruments they need for their band. Then they all helped set up the area and started it with their favourite song “ Spider”

Rosie and Talia saw Miss Pishaya wrote all numbers for our numbers hopscotch on the footpath and decided to help. They started to copy all number from 1 to 10 then wrote their names next to it to show Miss Pishaya how good they are with writing.

Children were asking if they could build the marble run outside. Miss Pishaya said that could be a great idea but we need to make sure that we give the marbles back to teachers when we finished with the game because it might fall into the baby yard. Caesar said that babies might get choke if they put it in their mouth. That was really nice are caring thought.

At group time after Miss Jaime called in rolls and went through the calendar and weather chart with children. Today was a turn for Harry to be a weather checker. He told Miss Jaime that today was hot and cloudy day.

Yesterday children were so busy making their own masks with the colour paper at the art table. But some of them were easy to get rip. To extend their interest about it Miss Pishaya set up some paper plates and different materials on the table for children to create their amazing mask. Some of them chose to make animal mask while the other chose to make their superhero or a person that they love instead. They were so proud of their works and couldn’t wait to take them home and show them to their parent


Alex, toby and Hunter were busy with their cool train track that they built together. It was nice to see how they took turn and shared with the train.


Today was the first time that children have Arakan in Kindergarten.  Today Mr Brad taught children how to follow the simple instructions and played some fun racing with friends. Every had so much fun and cheered their friends so loud in the race.    


What a fun and fantastic Friday. Hope everyone have a lovely weekend and see you all again next week.

Miss Jaime and Miss Pishaya 


Written by Kindy Room 2