Kindergarten One

Wednesday 27th March 2019

Good afternoon families. What a wet day we have all had today. We made the most of our time outside this morning just in case the rain set in.


We didn’t set much up outside due to the weather, but this was a great opportunity for the children to use their imaginations, which is just what Tilly, Ava P and Ava M did. They went under the stairs and used the home corner food to set up a food shop. Tilly oversaw the register while Ava and Ava set up the food.

Boston was very busy this morning he started by joining Shayaan in the mud kitchen and sandpit, baking yummy treats. He then moved on to tree climbing and hula hooping.

Rhys and Hamish thought the yard needed to be tidied up a little, they found a broom and began sweeping the sand back into the sandpit.

Ava M and Charlize were busy showing Miss Jaime how to hula hoop wile Troy and Hunter were rolling the tyres to Miss Nicole.

Ezekiel has made friends with Harry next door. Every chance he gets to see him they engage in games and activities together. This morning they played a game of tiggy. Ezekiel chased Harry and then Harry would chase Ezekiel, they then began mirroring each other’s actions, pulling funny faces.


Miss Sam took our yoga class today. We met her on the mat as we sat in a circle with our legs out in front of us. Today we went over animal poses such as a wolf, tiger, snake, cat and dog. We concluded yoga by breathing and resting our bodies.


Hamish, Charlize and Hunter were busy in our school role play area. Hamish and Charlize pretended there was a lock down and hid under the table as if it was our bathroom assembly point. “We stay safe in lock down” Hamish added. Ava P and Vivienne also had fun in the school area Ava was the teacher writing on the whiteboard while Vivienne sat on the mat. Zac explored the keyboard pretending to be the teacher typing out the daily blog.

Abigail, Vanessa and Ava M were busy at the creative table. They used texta’s to draw pictures of Miss Kate as a child.

Tilly made a long train track using the small soft blocks.

Harper and Corey constructed with the mobilo. Corey made a large train and drove it around the mat while Harper pieced together a few mobilo pieces to make a small car.

We’ve had such a great day!

Miss Kate, Miss Bek and Miss Eden.


Written by Kindy Room 2