Wednesday, 16th December  2020

Kindergarten One

Daily Correspondence


Jingeri, families and caregivers.  It was another wet morning so both Kindergarten one and two children were spending time in the Kindergarten two rooms with Miss Ana and Mr Hiroshi to start off.

In the room our children had following resources and activities to use and play.  

  • Play dough with shape cutters
  • Home corner/ China set and various utensils
  • Dragon figurines
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Pop up pirate game

At nine o’clock our friends were marching to our room for group time.  Before having morning tea, our children had two questions to raise for our conversation at the table and they were as below.

  1. Why do we have cars?
  2. Why do dolphins jump?  

We decided to discuss the first question to begin with, friends came up with these reasons:

So we do not have to walk and our legs will not ache., We can drive far away, a scientist made the first car, its 18 years old!

We then researched when the car was invented which was 1886 by Henry Ford who wasn’t a scientist but a businessman. We then saw a photo of it and spoke about the differences, unlike our cars friends noticed they used thin bike wheels, no steering wheel, no doors and no roof!

*Attention families and care givers.  Please also discuss these questions with your child(ren) to engage and interact with.

After morning tea, our children had chosen following activities.

  • Santa’s workshop
  • Various puzzles including Opposite words puzzles
  • Drawing with textas
  • Christams art and craft continued
  • Mobilo
  • Rainbow cubes 

Extra Curricular Activity- Soccer X

Abby and Felix were experiencing ball control with feet including dribbling and shooting. They were also reminded to kick ball with foot only and no hands to use in soccer.  Mr Nathan had several activities with corns and one of them was to use red corns (presents from Santa) that were covered with other coloured corns (blue and green corns) on top so that no one can see the presents from distance.  Each player was then controlling the ball by dribbling slowly and approached corns in the square.  Felix and Abby were looking for a present (red corn) and when they found one, they picked it up and bring it over to Mr Nathan and continued until everyone found all the presents in the field.  Both Abby and Felix had listening ears on and engaged well with Mr Nathan today.  Well done both of you!

It was then time to venture out before lunch as the sun came out in time!  Our friends were spending time at the art and craft table, playing soccer, playing tag games, mud kitchen and giant blocks etc.  They were interacting with each other and showed respects towards their friends in play!  They had enjoyed outside play before coming inside for lunch.

Our lunch was to make hamburgers.  There were lettuce, patties, slices of cheese and bread rolls for our children to make their original hamburgers. This meal is very popular and our friends ate a lot, too.  This afternoon after rest time,  our children had choice of following activities.

  • Board game (Snakes and Ladders) with Mr Oskar
  • Dr. Seuss’s giant puzzles (Learn your ABC)
  • Construction parts
  • Bingo game
  • Book reading

Our children appeared to enjoy each other’s company and when completing puzzles, they worked as a team and communicated  well indeed.  At the next to the big puzzle area, Mr. Oskar’s board game was also popular and they were using a dice and counting numbers as each of them was moving forward when  tossing the dice.  As it was a very popular game with Mr Oskar, we had decided for each child to take turn to play with him. 

Although the weather was overcast our friends were still enjoying their choices of activities inside the room, too.

Have a great evening.

Mr Hiroshi, Miss Kate, Mr Oskar and Miss Ana

Notice Board

Kindergarten One Christmas Party: Thursday 17th December, Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm

* Please note Memory sticks that contain photos/images of your child(ren) in Kindergarten One room throughout the year will be sold at the party and it will cost you $10.00 each.

Our Centre will be closed from Thursday 24th December 2020 at 2.00pm.  We will reopen on Monday 4th January 2021 at 7:00am


  • Please make sure your child brings their own hat– this will stop the spread of headlice as friends end up sharing the spare hats.
  • Please ensure your child has spare clothes in their bag in case of accidents.