Kindergarten One
15th May 2019

Good afternoon families. We decided to have an outdoor day today in Kindy one. We started our day outside exploring. Rhys requested to take out the bamboo blocks, together with Hamish they used the bamboo blocks to form a road around the large circular mat. Hamish then went inside and grabbed the red box containing the cars for himself and Rhys to drive around. Ava P helped Miss Bek set up the water paints on the picnic table. Together with Vanessa, Aurora and Tilly she painted lovely masterpieces.

Bek filled up the water pump this was very popular especially with the boys. They used various utensils such as buckets, blocks and shovels to dig up the sand and make paths for the water to travel. The paths travelled all the way to the mud kitchen where they placed piping under the sink and into the sandpit to transport the water from the sink to the built paths in the sandpit joining the mud kitchen and the water pump together.

We came inside and had a big drink of water before joining Miss Kate and Miss Madie on the mat for group time. We did our warm up dance, called the roll in Danish and went over the days and date. Miss Madie took over from Miss Kate and went over the sound of the week with us. Today we came up with the following Bb words:


After group time we formed a circle on the mat for our yoga class with Miss Hayley. We started by singing a lovely song about being kind, loving others and loving ourselves. We moved on to hop little bunnies, balancing bears and jumping frogs. Next, we lit our campfire and made hot chocolates we performed a lot of stretching poses for this. We finished off our class with erupting volcano’s and our namaste song.

After saying goodbye to Miss Hayley, we transitioned to suncream and washed our hands for morning tea, we had some yummy coconut and blueberry slice, banana and red apples and lots of water.

After morning tea, we lined up at the side door, grabbed our hats and went back outside. Rhys, Ava M, Aurora and Abbie went straight to the mud kitchen. They used buckets and containers to collect bark, dirt, sand and water. They would mix all these ingredients together in the pots and pans before pouring them into cake tins and moulds and placing them in the oven. Vivienne then joined in and with Abbie she made some yummy soup.

Hunter and Troy were busy playing hide and seek, they’re quite clever at finding hiding spots it took Bek a while to find them.

Corey joined Miss Kate on the large circle mat and observed her with the duplo, Corey then built alongside her. He began constructing a birthday cake. “I’m putting icing on it, its white” he mentioned to Kate. Kate suggested some candles for the top of his cake, Corey agreed. Corey counted 1-12 as he placed the candles on his cake.
Once it was time to ring the bell, we all worked together to pack away the yard and lined up at the door with r Hiroshi and Miss Madie. We popped our hats away had a big drink of water and sat on the mat for show and tell.

Rhys had been creative at home this morning and made a device to help him catch pretend baddies. For this he used texta’s and a paper towel roll. Up next for show and tell was Ava P, she had a large wooden box, blue in colour with small sea creatures inside from Sea World. “My mum and Dad got it for me” she told all her peers.

While we were engaging in show and tell Mr Hiroshi set up our lunch, today we had yummy vegetarian Quesadillas they were so yummy, even Abbie ate one “I like it” she said as all her peers clapped and shared their excitement for her.

During our quiet activity time we each individually sat down with Kate as we revisited our goals – Kindy one is doing quite well at working hard towards achieving their individual goals with most of the class ready to set new ones. We are very proud educators.

Hugo was busy with the playdough he sat with Corey and Hamish and made long green snakes. Hamish made a ball and Corey used the number stampers to print numbers.

Vivien made a lovely rainbow with the water paints while Abbie, Aurora and Noa used the magnetic letters to form their names.

Thanks Kindy one for a fabulous day!
Miss Kate, Miss Bek and Miss Madie.

Written by Kindy Room 2