Tuesday 8th December 2020

Kindergarten One

Daily Correspondence

Jingeri, families and caregivers.  It was another muggy morning but both Kindergarten one and two children were happy to spend in the yard with following resources and activities with Mr Hiroshi, Miss Ana and Miss Jaime to start off. 

  • Various blocks including giant blocks and pyramid blocks/ Construction using their imagination
  • Easel painting/ Being imaginative and creative 
  • Ice cream parlour/ Connecting with and relating to others
  • House phone experience/ Responding to others with respect
  • Kicking balls/ Developing control and strength and being healthy
  • Lego blocks/ Sharing ideas and discoveries
  • Drawing pictures/ Being imaginative and creative

After spending time in the yard, our friends came inside for group time and our greeting was in Welsh this morning.  The children had then discussed the topic of the day at morning tea was as follows: 

  • How do the waves come?      

*Attention families:  Please discuss this topic of the day at home with your child(ren), too.

Our indoor activities were as below.

  • Pizza making using freshly made play dough with craft papers and other materials/ Reflect on Pizza experience from yesterday with Arlo’s family.
  • Christmas leaf making continued with Mr Hiroshi
  • Matchbox cars and road panels/ Responding to others with respect and being imaginative and creative
  • Shape connectors/ Sharing ideas and discoveries
  • Cushions to make a cubby house/ Exploring interactions between people and environment
  • Drawing and colouring pizza/ Showing curiosity and enthusiasm for learning

Extra Curricular Activity- Sports with Miss Anj.

After warm ups with stretching body, Miss Anj had introduced new activities as below.

  1. Using a noodle and our friends were trying their hardest to duck, flatten the tummy and jump over it.  It depends on the height of the noodle that Miss Anj is holding and turning clockwise or anticlockwise to approach each child.
  2. Pass the ball: Split into two groups of five children in each group and they line up accordingly.  Miss Anj had then demonstrated to pass the ball over her head to Mr Hrioshi.  He then ran in front of Miss Anj and passed the ball over his head to Miss Anj and we repeated this action.  Our friends had listening ears on and tried this activity.  They also pass the ball side way and roll and pass the ball between legs, too.  

Our children were enhancing their coordination skills as well as gross motor control in this exercise and most of all, they were being healthy and staying safe!!!

At meal time, our children were practicing “Self serving” and they were doing very well.  They use tongs and big spoons to serve food for themselves.

In the afternoon we will continue indoor activities as well as practicing Christmas song to sing for our forthcoming Christmas Party!

It was another terrific Tuesday here at Kindergarten one room. 

Have a good evening, everyone.


Mr Hiroshi, Miss Kate and Miss Ana.

Notice Board

Kindergarten One Christmas Party: 

Thursday 17th December, Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Our Centre will be closed from Thursday 24th December 2020 at 2.00pm.  We will reopen on Monday 4th January 2021 at 7:00am


  • Please make sure your child brings their own hat– this will stop the spread of headlice as friends end up sharing the spare hats.
  • Please ensure your child has spare clothes in their bag in case of accidents.