Kindergarten One


Jingeri families and friends, we were super excited to see some blue skies this morning and friends took full advantage of being able to go outside. Friends chose a variety of construction blocks, multi coloured stacking blocks, skittle bricks and the wooden ones. We had lots of creations being build such as a cubby house and swords. Friends enjoys painting on the easels with the watercolours and think brushes. We also has some culture puzzles out for friends to complete. Some of the boys were playing basketball around the side, great demonstration of team work and gross motor skills.

Once inside we engaged in our group time, we found out the day and date, spoke about the weather, answered the roll in Spanish and warmed up to a Christmas Song- IT’s Christmassss! We chose a question of the day which was by Sam- “Why do birds have feathers?” this was a great extension of animals from yesterday. Friends headed off to discuss the question while they ate their delicious morning tea. Once we had eaten we sat back to discuss as a group, friends came up with “To fly”, “to keep their babies warm” “to help them land”. Sam researched this with Miss Kate and found out the answer was, “To help fly, keep them cool and warm, they help keep their bodies dry when it rains, It also identifies them! We then guessed who had the brighter colours, females or males and watched a video of a brightly coloured male dancing for a female. Friends found this funny and Boston comment it was a little creepy!

Miss Ang came for sport this morning, we had a tricky obstacle course to complete. We had to jump over the hurdles, push ups, throw hula hoops onto the cones.  Our next challenge was to swap cones around the correct way, trickier than it sounds as they were all in different positions. Theses exercises were great for our hand- eye coordination, gross motor and coordination skills.


This morning we engaged in some Christmas drawing and Christmas playdough. We also pulled out the mobilo, and constructed a flying transformer, a garbage truck and a fire truck with a super long folding ladder. The marble run was popular with friends working together to create a huge course that let the marbles zoom around. Santa’s workshop had lots of reindeers this morning, Jude was Santa with a big sack on his back full of toys for the good boys and girls. Miss Kate and some friends had a game of Bingo, which was super fun!! Haven and Emmett used the candy cane tubes from Santa’s workshop to make tunnels for the cars they made out of mobilo, they rested them against chairs and balanced them across and down two of them.

This afternoon we practised our Christmas songs ready for our party and Miss Kate read “The Naughty List”. We then engaged in other activities we chose:

  • Puzzles- Abc
  • Reading books
  • Mobilo
  • Cars
  • Drawing

We also engaged in some Gonoodle dancing to keep active, as we had to stay inside a little longer to let KG2 enjoy their Christmas PARTY!!!



Our Christmas Party 17th December 3-4pm Parents and  siblings are invited, this will still go ahead if it is raining as we will have it indoors. However please be mindful of bringing siblings if it is indoors due to numbers in a small area.

Our memories UBS stick will be sold at the party for $10 (cover cost of USB stick). Santa will arrive 3,15pm


Many Thanks

Miss Kate, Mr Hiroshi and Mr Rei