Daily Correspondence Kindergarten One 13/03/2018

This morning during our group discussion and planning time we talked about Easter as it’s fastly approaching. Miss Natalie mentioned how the children will be making their own special Easter Bonnets and asked the children what kind of materials will we need to create and decorate with. Jaxen said that we will need glue and Pippen informed us that we will need paper too. Kahlia-Jayde mentioned decorating with flowers, Alexander said “Easter Eggs” and Taira exclaimed “Bunnies” It is so wonderful to hear and see the children reflect and be active members in our planning for activities!

During our group time we also talked about how a visitor is coming to Kindergarten One and Two today! Miss Natalie discussed how Brian will be bringing some reptile friends that the children can interact with and informed us all that a reptile has cold-blood with dry scaly skin. Sonny’s mum Leanne came along to the show and participated in the experience with us all. During the reptile show this morning Brian introduced us to his reptile friends and talked about each individual reptile and informed us all what they like to eat and what sort of habitats they live in. Some of the reptiles the children met today were Freddo the Frog, Bluey the blue tongue lizard, Murray the turtle, Bob the salt-water crocodile and Al the yellow snake.

On the art table today a variety of collage pieces were set out for the children to decorate their Easter Bonnets with. The children selected their desired materials and used their imagination and creativity to create beautiful Easter hats which they will be wearing during our Easter hat parade. Today on one of tables some cupcake tins and Easter eggs containers were intentionally set out with the yellow and pink playdough that Mr Hiroshi kindly made for us in celebration of Easter coming. Kahlia-Jayde was sitting by Sophia rolling the playdough into balls and exclaimed to Miss Tash that “We’re mixing it into orange” and “Orange and yellow mixed into pink”. Leo and Nixon previously used the tins provided and formed cupcakes from the playdough. The children spent a sustained amount of time at this sensory activity where they used their imagination to mould, mix and create wonders with the playdough.

Lucca and Bohdi continued with their pretend cooking in the sandpit where they worked with a mix of sand and water. The two friends often enjoy filling containers with sand. Today they used trays, as they explored quantities and size as they filled the trays with sand and water. Their play provided inspiration for our sensory inside today, as we used trays with our play dough.

Have a good afternoon

Written by Kindy1