Kindergarten One

Thursday 14th March 2019

Good afternoon families, we have had a such a great productive day today with a visit from Grandma Gwen and sport with Miss Sam!

Grandma Gwen:

It was nice and early when grandma Gwen came to visit. We were busy exploring the outdoors when Grandma Gwen arrived, we quickly lined up and greeted Grandma Gwen with a big hi-5 and we sat on the mat.

Grandma Gwen began to sing ‘Hey diddle, diddle’ Rhys was very excited about this, “I sing this at home” he told Gwen. We then helped Grandma Gwen tell the story of Mr wiggle and Mr Waggle both going up the hill to visit each other but they missed each other.

We then sung ‘we’re walking in the bush land’ this was a lot of fun. We then finished up with hickory dickory dock.

Sport with Miss Sam:

Miss Sam came up to our room and we met her at the door with our hats and water bottles. We walked in a straight line to the senior kindy veranda.

We warmed up our bodies and got our heart rate up by doing some star jumps as we counted backwards from 10. We then formed another line and practiced jumping over the skipping rope. After we all had a turn the rope would get a fraction higher, we all did so well at this.

We warmed down by doing some bear crawls and high jumps.


Bella, Vanessa and Olivia were busy around the yard playing hide and seek. They would each take turns at counting 1-10 and looking for each other.

Ava and Rhys were busy cooking up a storm in the mud kitchen, making delicious cupcakes for all their peers.

Ezekiel and Alex took the trains to the sandpit, Rhys observed them and decided to join them. The three of them decided it would be fun to bury the trains. They would all work together to dig a whole, before putting the train inside and covering it up with sand again.


Lucas G, Josiah and Lucca B sat down on the mat with the triangle blocks, Josiah made a big long car, Lucas G pieced together the blocks to make circle shapes and Lucca B was making power.

Rome was busy building with the window blocks before he moved on to the trains and then to home corner with Olivia.

Ava and Abbie were role playing teachers. Abbie was the student receiving star of the day and Ava was the teacher.

Hendrix, Vanessa, Bella, Boston and Noa explored the magnetic blocks. Not only were they trying to spell their own names but also helping each other sounding out the letters for their names.

Thanks for a great day

Miss Kate, Miss Bek and Miss Ellen.

Written by Kindy Room 2