Kindergarten One


Good afternoon, parents and caregivers, we started our morning inside today due to the children being ever so busy inside on arrival this morning. We explored the boxes, drawing and the light table in the room before packing away and heading outside. We weren’t too sure what the weather had planned for us to we kept it minimal with the activities outside, this was great as the children really explored their imaginations. We had, drawing, puzzles, books, wooden blocks and the trucks set up outside.

During our morning session we said Good morning in Welsh and then sung our days of the week song. We explored the date and weather and moved on to the sound of the week, Aa. It was a bit tricky to come up with some words beginning with Aa but here is what we came up with:

Apple – Lucca B


Ants – Hamish

Arm – Lucca B

Avocado – Hunter



Alligator – Lucca B

Astronaut – Lucca B




Animal – Hunter



As we were on the mat we heard the loud bell, it was time to practice for a fire drill. We lined up in one line and walked with our educators to the carpark where we called the roll and were greeted by Kylie and Jo. Kindergarten One did so well.

during activity time, Hamish lead his friends on a flight to America. They flew out from the gold coast airport and Hamish was the pilot of the virgin flight. They then returned on jet star, Hamish you’re such a talented pilot.

Charlize dressed as a mermaid, using a surgeon’s costume for this. “I’m going to be a mermaid when I’m bigger” Charlize said. Luca A was so wrapped with he fire fighter costume. He used the fire extinguishers to put out all the fires and said that he makes a great firefighter because they wear cool belts and he has one at home too.

Lucca B was an astronaut all day. He used the boxes again as a rocket and used them to hop around the classroom.

We welcomed our new friend Martin to the class today. He spent lots of time with the fire truck with Zachary and frequently talked about fire fighters.

Ava P, Ava M and Avery had lots of fun getting creative at the drawing table. They then moved on to apple printing with Hendrix, Lucca B, Hamish, Khwaish and Harper.

Vanessa enjoyed some quiet reading while Hendrix sat across from her with the Lego.

We also explored the colour sorting activity, valentine’s day craft and the triangular blocks.

Notice board:

To get your child ready for school we really encourage independence and working on self-help skills. This includes your child walking into kindergarten, popping their bags, hats and drink bottles away and even applying their own suncream in the mornings. Please support this by ensuring you are letting your child do these things.

Miss Kate and Miss Bek.


Written by Kindy Room 2