Daily Correspondence

Kindergarten One


Good morning all!  

Today out in the yard the Educators set up Drawing, number fishing, Duplo, hula hoops, sandpit, watering can to water the veggie patch, water pump in sandpit, drawing pictures for Miss Kylie’s card and musical instruments.

Drums – Jylah was making different patterns/sounds using the drum sticks

Water pump – Xanthe helped the boys pump water for their mud castles

Watering can – Heidi filled her watering can up and watered the veggies

Drawing pictures for Miss Kylie – Ryoga drew a picture of Miss Kylie and himself at a park

Our morning routine started with Miss Kate asking the class to respond to roll call in a different language other than English for ‘good morning’.  Some children replied in Arabic, others in Italian and some in French.  We then did our Friday feeling dance to ‘Can’t stop this feeling’. After we sung the 7 days of the week song followed with learning what the day, date, month, year and weather.

Notice Board

  • We have graduation tonight please pick your child up by 4pm this afternoon.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Miss Kate, Mr Hiroshi and Miss Aslin





Written by Kindy Room 2