Daily Correspondence
Kindergarten one

This morning was a beautiful morning, on arrival Hibbie, Juno and Molly could not wait to play with the basketballs. They practiced bouncing them up and down, shooting through the net and even bouncing the ball under their leg. Miss Kate joined in the fun and all took it in turns to throw or bounce the ball to each other. Bohdi enjoyed playing in the sand with Miss Chloe who was helping the children hide their feet. Hibbie and Sonny painted some beautiful paintings which included flowers and hearts. Some of the children were enjoying role playing going on a treasure hunt, they took their bags on their back and off they went on an adventure.
In our inside learning environment we spoke about our pets, we informed the children that wasn’t in yesterday that we have turned our home corner into a vets. We spoke about decorating the vets with our painting of our pets. Sonny told the class he had a pet snake, and William.S told us that him and his brother Oliver didn’t have any pets, however when he is older he would like a big pet mouse! Sophia, Sora and Xanthe painted their pets with Miss Chloe. Some of the children started to create something secretive for Mothers’ Day with Miss Tash- some fantastic colours have been made!
Oliver, William.S, Lucca and Leo made a Dinosaur land! They placed the dinosaurs in the wooden tree, so they could search for food. The boys were extremely good at creating dinosaur noises. This encouraged Oaklii, Alexander and Sonny to join in. The children had lots of fun working as a team and sharing the toys. Xander and Kalani build bug spray guns out of the connecting blocks. They were zapping around the floor and the outdoor area to protect us from spiders.

Have a great afternoon
Miss Kate, Miss Tash and Miss Chloe20180419_103202 20180419_103212 20180419_103232

Written by Kindy1