Kindergarten One

11th January 2019


Good afternoon parents and caregivers, this morning it’s been a hot day. Miss Pishaya set out the yard with lots of activities.  Vanessa was busy at the puzzle table, manipulating the pieces until she found the correct place. Hamish and Luca were busy running around the yard chasing each other and then sat down and worked on a beautiful drawing together. Stevie was a little upset saying goodbye to Mum, but she helped Miss Kate set up the classroom ready for the day.

Once inside we started our day off by warming our bodies and minds up by doing our Friday feeling dance! We chose shotgun…again. Once warm we sat down and sang the days of the week.  Luca told us it was Friday and Boston told us it was the 11th, Lucca told us it was January 2019! Altogether we read the date. Stevie was the weather bird who flew to the door to look outside, she informed us that it was sunny with some cloud. We counted our numbers 1-10 and 10-1 everyone enjoyed blasting off when we got to 0. Next, we sang 5 little ducks, we used our fingers to count down each time, Miss Kate and Miss Eden were very impressed with our singing.

Children’s activities:

Stevie- painting with glitter

Lucca- mobilo

Boston- Home corner

Hugo- Marble run

Vanessa- playdough

We chose our activities and played for a little while, Mr Brad surprised us with Arakan. We went outside as a class and practise our listening, posing and hitting (safely) skills. When we were back inside, we rushed to continue our activities, Stevie, Hamish, Harper, Vanessa and Hanah were very engaged in creating different artwork with painting and glitter. Stevie told Miss Kate she was painting one for her Mum and Hanah painted a lovely smiley face. Ezekiel and Hugo were busy building the marble run and watching the marbles whizz by. Charlize, Hamish an Luca were busy in the role play area cooking up a treat in the house. Arthur, Boston and Lucas played with the cars on the track racing each other.

Later on, we sat and sang our phonics songs, Miss Eden was impressed by how much we knew.  After rest time we played quiet activities, Miss Kate got out the shape connectors, Puzzles, reading books and drawing.

Hugo brought in marbles from home to show everyone. We were very impressed by how many marbles he had. Lucca asked where he got them from, and Hugo replied that Mum had bought them

Notice Board

  • Orientation evening will be next Wednesday 16th January in the evening.
  • Please ensure all children have a hat and drink bottle which is clearly labelled.
  • Goal sheets for your child have been given out- if you haven’t received one yet please ask an educator and return as soon as possible.
  • ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ Chart is now up and running, if anyone wants more information please ask an educator.
  • Star of the day has started, please ensure to check the wall if your child has received a certificate to take home.

Have a great weekend, Miss Kate and Miss Eden


Written by Kindy Room 2