This morning outside, Caleb and Mason were playing with the blocks. The children worked together to build a castle. The castle was carefully built and when they finished, they pushed it all down! Malia was at the drawing table with Miss Shannan. Malia was using the coloured pencils to draw pictures of people. Breanna enjoyed playing with the ice-cream toys. She laid them out on the floor and said that, “This is a mess.” Breanna was creating a messy ice-cream area. In the sandpit, Weston and Ryder were playing with the bucket and spades. Ryder was pretending that his whale was needing help as it needed water (the sand). Eden and Jack were playing on the fort. They were wondering around fort and especially enjoyed going over the bridge. Ceylon and Breanna also loved the bridge. The girls were standing and shaking the bridge.  

t group time, we began with the ‘Acknowledgement of County,’ . Then, we did our roll to see who was here today. When we finished with the roll, the children helped Miss Jade count how many children were here. Leo then chose the ‘Days of the Week’ song and we completed our daily calendar.   

When we finished the calendar, we went over the rules that the children helped Miss Jade make up. We made sure that everyone knew and understood the rules.  

To conclude group time, Jack and Leo chose a song to put on. Jack chose ‘Shotgun’ while Leo chose ‘Baby shark.’ The children enjoyed singing and dancing to the songs.  

At activity time, Ceylon and Irena were playing with the ‘Resources’ toys. Ceylon was stacking each colour on top of one another while Irena was pretending that they were ‘Frozen.’ Emilio was at the drawing table doing some drawings. He used wooden dolls to trace around and he drew his mum, dad and himself. Hrihan, Caleb, Ryder, Malia and Eden were playing with the marble run. The children were all building tracks for the marbles and would test them out to see whether their marbles would quickly roll down to the bottom. Weston and Mason enjoyed playing in the tent. Weston enjoyed sitting on the cushions and relaxing while Mason was reading books. Leo and Jack made a road for the cars. The boys lined up the road pieces to connect them and then lined up the cars on one end and would drive them along the road. Breanna and Ceylon had so much fun building a tower with Miss Mel. The girls would carefully place the coloured blocks on top of each other and had to be especially careful when they reached higher.  

The children lined up at the side door in a line. Miss Jade and the children would then individually count each child as they exited the room to retrieve their hats for outdoor activities.  

For table activities, the children enjoyed reading in book corner, magnetic letters, floor puzzles and drawing.  

The children chose a book from book corner to engage in. After that, Miss Jade spoke about ‘The Star of the Day’ and what it was. This was for someone who has made positive choices in kindergarten today. Today, it went to Leo.  

The children then sat in the circle for their ‘Daily Reflection.’ Everyone in the circle took turns to share what their favourite part of the day was.  

Please ensure all notes (Sleep, Individual Profile and Computer) are returned ASAP. Also, please bring in your family photos for our ‘Family Tree.’  

Miss Jade and Miss Mel