This morning outside, we had two new friends who were Nicole and Charlie. Nicole enjoyed playing in the sandpit and digging holes. Charlie enjoyed playing with the trucks and placing sand into their backs. Ceylon and Breanna were also playing in the sandpit. They were making some delicious cake. Emilio loved playing with the large, connecting flowers. He was making a motorbike.  

At group time, we completed our Acknowledgement to Country. Then, Miss Jade asked about the children’s day off for Australia Day. Mason said he watched a movie. Leo, Charlie and Zeke told us that they all had a BBQ with various, delicious food such as sausages, burgers and meats. Some friends even had a slip ‘n slide. We then completed the roll to see who was here today. When we completed the roll, we counted together to see how many friends were here today.  

Charlie chose the ‘Days of the Week’ song and we completed the calendar. Breanna told us that it was ‘Sunny’ today. When we finished the weather, Zeke chose the song to dance to, which was “Shake it Off.” The children loved this song as they were jumping around and dancing.  

At activity time, Hrihan, Zeke, Weston, Breanna, Weston, Leo, Mason, Eden, Jack, Mia and Nicole were playing with the marble run. Nicole had never played this activity before, so Miss Jade assisted her to make a track. Charlie enjoyed playing with the Mobilo. He was building a car. Nicole and Edie enjoyed playing in home corner. They were putting on various dresses and playing dress-ups. Malia, Lilo and Kai were at the table doing some playdough. Miss Jade set up various mats where the children could either make the stars of the Australian flag, food for the BBQ, map of Australia or the tail of a kangaroo. Ceylon loved reading the books in book corner. She was even using a magnifying glass to look at the images of the book. Breanna also enjoyed the multicultural puzzles. She told Miss Jade that she loved puzzles.   

Miss Hayley came to teach us our first lesson of yoga for the year. We started with the ‘Sleeping Bunny’ activity. The children were pretending to be sleeping bunnies and when the song would call out an animal, the children had to practice that pose. After the song, Miss Hayley brought out the animal for the day, which was a snake. The children pretended to be snakes by laying down and even rolling up their bodies. The children next sat in a circle to practice their breathing. To conclude, the children meditated on their backs and practiced their breathing.  

When the song finished, Miss Jade put on the phonics song to practice. We revised the Kindergarten rules and spoke about ‘Whole Body Listening.’  

For table activities, the children enjoyed shapes, wooden sticks, drawing, home corner, name writing and connecting flowers.  

The children chose a book from book corner to engage in. After that, Miss Jade spoke about ‘The Star of the Day’ and what it was. This was for someone who has made positive choices in kindergarten today. Today, it went to Breanna.  

Miss Jade then spoke about how many children in the Kindergarten room are from various countries around the world. Weston, Edie, Mia, Ceylon, Jack, Breanna and Zeke placed their faces on the countries that their families are from.  

The children then sat in the circle for their ‘Daily Reflection.’ Everyone in the circle took turns to share what their favourite part of the day was.  

Please ensure all notes (Sleep, Individual Profile and Computer) are returned ASAP. Also, please bring in your family photos for our ‘Family Tree.’ From next Monday, you are now welcome to drop the children in the yard.