This morning outside, Ryder was showing Miss Jade how we could bounce the basketball. He was counting how many times he could bounce it in a row. There were cones set up and Miss Jade said “Why don’t you bounce the ball around the cones.” Ryder began to walk towards the cones and bounce to them. Miss Jade added, “Try and go in and out of the cones” and she showed him how to do it. Watching Miss Jade, Ryder tried to bounce his ball in and out of the cones. It was a bit tricky, but he did a great job. Charlie and Zayden were having a race with the bikes. Starting at the line, Zayden called out, “Ready, set, go!” On go, the children raced off to see who was the winner.  

At group time, we completed our Acknowledgement to Country. Miss Jade then introduced some cards with all the children’s faces and backgrounds on them. Zayden chose Leo and this week we were going to be learning about Australia. We spoke about how Australian’s speak English and to greet someone, they say “Good Morning,” “Hello,” or “G’Day. The children chose one of these to complete the roll in. We then looked at the Australian flag, the colours which were on it, the Union Jack, the number of stars and the types. Once the roll was finished, the children helped count how many friends were here today. 

Caleb chose the ‘Days of the Week’ song and we completed the calendar. Adrian did the weather saying that today was “Sunny.”  

For Show and Tell, our topic is ‘Mystery Bag.’ The children bring along an item and provide the rest of the room with 3 clues. The audience then had to try and guess what the item was. Today, Leo, Mason and Ceylon brought in their Show and Tell. Ceylon brought in her princess crown, Leo brought in his Leonardo Ninja Turtle and Mason brought in his headphones. Thank you for sharing friends!  

We then discussed pastries as Gideon had an interest in them. Miss Jade said that today they were going to be making some chocolate pastries like Gideon had suggested. The pastry that they were going to be using was called ‘Puff Pastry.’ Miss Jade asked if the children remember the type of pastry which was on the outside of a sausage roll. The children remembered and Miss Jade said that puff pastry is that exactly; there are many layers in there which help make it crispy and flakey. We then had a discussion about the types of pastries such as cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, sausage rolls, pies and even pizzas can be considered a pastry as these are made from flour, butter and water which is then baked.  

At activity time, the children made some chocolate puff pastries as suggested by Gideon. For this activity, the children began with washing their hands with soap. This ensured that all hands were clean and especially as they were handling food. The children received a ¼ of a sheet of puff pastry where they had to brush melted butter onto it. Then, using either white or milk chocolate, the children placed a line of this onto their buttered pastry. Next, they picked up the end of the pastry to then roll it up into a roll. The children had to be very careful and slow to ensure their chocolates did not fall out. Lastly, they brushed the top with egg and sprinkled it with some sugar. Maya, Ceylon, Mia, Adrian, Leo, Eden, Zayden, Kento, Mason, Leo, Zeke, Gideon had lots of fun putting these together.  

Charlie and Benji were reading a story together. They were reading a book called “100 first words” and they would point at the images and say what it was. Ryder and Kalani enjoyed playing with the cars. Ryder was driving his car along the grass while Kalani had his monster truck which drove on the floorboards. Emilio and Caleb built a marble run track together. Using their cooperative skills, the children took turns to place on track to extend and make larger. Irina and Noah were playing families. Irina played as the mum and Noah as the dad. They were pretending to do some shopping.  

For table activities, the children enjoyed wooden counting game, magnetic house sorting, Australian animal, world puzzle and magazine colouring and cutting.  

The children chose the phonics song to engage in and we then discussed the letter of the week which was the letter V. We spoke about the sound it made and what the capital and lower-case V looks like. Then, Miss Jade read a story about a word that began with the letter V.  

Miss Jade spoke about ‘The Star of the Day’ and what it was. This was for someone who has made positive choices in kindergarten today. Today, it went to Adrian.  

Please bring in your family photos for our ‘Family Tree.’ Please bring in spare clothes for children as the children often engage in water play. Please ensure all toys stay at home as the children will lose or break them. If you are able to, can you please purchase a class bottle of sunscreen for the children. Please ensure your child brings their Show and Tell on the correct day.  

Miss Jade and Miss Mel