This morning outside, Caleb and Adrian were building with the Brio. Caleb was making a contraption which would allow him to climb over the fence, while Adrian was building a car. Mason and Zayden were playing Hide and Seek. Mason was ‘It so he had to count to 20 while Zayden hid away from Mason. Charlie and Nicole were playing in the sandpit. They were pretending that the slide was a “Chimney” for their house. The girls were taking turns in going down the “Chimney.” Gideon was driving the scooter around the yard. The children have been enjoying the yard being fully opened and using the area to go around.  

This morning for group time, Caleb lead our Acknowledgement to Country.  

We then revised the country that we were exploring which was Irina’s. She shared that she was Chinese and spoke Mandarin. Owen also speaks Mandarin and told us that to say hello, they say, “Ni Hao.” The children then completed the roll in Mandarin and helped Miss Jade count the number of children that were here today.  

Noah had asked what the Chinese flag looked like so we searched it up. The children discussed that the flag was red and yellow. Benji told us that there were stars on the flag and Mia shared that there were 5 stars. Miss Jade asked the children where the stars were located and Gideon said that it was in the “Top left corner.” We then looked at how far China was to Australia and agreed that a plane would be the fastest way to get there. We concluded with looking at images of China and saw how busy the cities were with the number of people and buildings. The country loved the colour red and the people of China have dark hair.  

Gideon then chose the ‘Days of the Week’ song and we completed the roll. Zayden did our weather and shared that it was “Sunny.”  

Today we had Charlie and Gideon bring along their Show and Tell. This week’s topic was ‘Favourite Book.’ Charlie brought in a tooth fairy book and shared that the tooth fairy collected teeth that was fallen out and replaced them with money. Gideon brought in a book where they had to spot the animals that were explained in the story. He quickly read the story to us too! Thank you for sharing Charlie and Gideon!  

Today for our learning experiences, we had indoor play.  

Zayden and Mason were completing the world flag puzzle. Here, the children had to solve the puzzle of the world flags. The children practiced their turn-taking, sharing, collaboration and problem-solving skills.  

Owen, Benji and Caleb were playing with the marble run. Here, the children were creating a track which would allow the marbles to run from the top to the end of the track. Benji was in charge of the marbles and would test to see if the marbles were correctly going down.  

Emilio was building with the Brio. He was creating a telescope. Miss Jade had to assist him in the pronunciation of the word as it was a bit tricky!  

Noah and Lilo were playing in home corner and making some delicious meals. “I’m making a recipe which is from South America” said Noah, “It’s from Peru.”  

Mia, Irina, Nicole and Charlie were doing some colouring at the table. Here the children found a colouring sheet that they wanted to complete and practiced colouring in between the black lines.  

Gideon was doing some reading on the carpet. He was reading the ‘Jungle Book.’ Gideon was engaged in the images of the story.  

Malia was playing with the LOL dolls. She enjoyed dressing them up and pretending that they were babies who needed some milk.  

Adrian, Gideon and Hermeros were playing with the scale that was set out on the table. Here the children explored the mathematical concept of weight and investigated to see what items were light, heavy and the same weight. Miss Jade would ask the children to find items to equal out the weight and make them the same. It was tricky, but with teamwork the children were able to solve this problem.  

The children lined up at the door with their hats and shoes on. The children engaged in outdoor play.  

Today for table experiences, the children enjoyed catalogue cutting, writing, Shopping List game, 2D magnetic shapes, floor puzzles and home corner.  

The children went over the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that each letter made. Then, the children chose a letter to focus on for the day. We looked at the sound it made and how to write the uppercase and lowercase. Next, the children chose a song to engage in and the children brainstormed words that began with this letter.  

Miss Jade spoke about ‘The Star of the Day’ and what it was. This was for someone who has made positive choices in kindergarten today. Today, it went to Emilio.  

Please bring in spare clothes for children as the children often engage in water play. Please ensure all toys stay at home as the children will lose or break them. If you can, can you please purchase a class bottle of sunscreen for the children. Please ensure your child brings their Show and Tell on the correct day.  

Miss Jade, Miss Mel and Mr Don