This morning the children stayed indoors as it was raining. Kai was playing with the scales. He was adding items onto each side of the scale to make one side heavier and one side lighter. Miss Harmony spoke to him about how the heavier items would make the scale go down, while lighter items would make the scale go up. Kalani and Adrian were building with the wooden blocks. The children were making a spaceship where they could travel to Outerspace. Isaiah was doing some colouring-in. He had a Lego colouring sheet from Vacation Care and turned his Lego man into Spiderman. Zeke, Jack, Ryder and Kai were bottle-flipping. The children used the table for where they were aiming for the bottle to land on. Each child would flip the bottle and hand over to the next person. The children showed turn-taking and team-playing skills.  

This morning for group time, Jack lead our Acknowledgement to Country.  

Miss Jade asked the children what they did on the weekend. Nicole went to the park and saw Maya, Adrian went to Beechmont where he saw some Smurfs, Gideon had some family time, Edie went to a park where there was an emu, Noah went to the beach, Irina went to Movie World, Jack and Kai went to Dream World, Zayden spent some time at his dad’s, Lilo went to Sea World, Zeke went to a snake show and Isaiah played with his Power Ranger toy.  

Miss Jade then completed the roll and everyone helped her count the number of children who were here today.  

Zayden chose the ‘Days of the Week’ song and Kalani did our weather. He said today was “Cloudy.”  

Today we had Jack and Isaiah share their Show and Tell. This week’s topic was ‘Favourite Book.’ Jack brought in an opposite book. He told us that it was his favourite because it was funny and had lots of pictures. Isaiah brought in a dinosaur book and shared that he loved dinosaurs and how the pictures changed. Thank you for sharing Jack and Isaiah.  

Today for our learning experiences, we had indoor play.  

Emilio and Irina were playing sleepovers. Emilio spread out the cushions on the floor and made a bed.  

Zeke, Kai, Ryder and Jack were playing with the ‘Happy Hammer Geo’ boards. The children used their fine-motor skills to carefully hammer in place their selected shape onto the boards. The children had to ensure that their hammer was pushing onto the nail to ensure it stayed onto the board.  

Malia was at the playdough activity with Miss Dakota. Miss Jade set out bug mats where the children could use the playdough to make bugs.  

Mia, Nicole, Edie, Isaiah, Adrian and Kalani were doing some crafting with paper. Mia, Kalani and Adrian were making some paper planes. Nicole and Edie were drawing some emus and Isaiah was drawing a house.  

Zayden and Leo were playing the bottle-flip game. Here, the children had to aim to throw their bottle onto the table and have it land upright. This used the child’s gross motor and hand-eye coordination.  

Noah and Lilo were playing with the wooden blocks. The children were using the blocks to make buildings such as the “gym.”  

Gideon was playing with his monkey toy. He was hiding his monkey behind the toys and would ask his friends to find it.  

The children lined up at the door with their hats and shoes on. The children engaged in outdoor play.  

Today for table experiences, the children enjoyed drawing, magnetic house sorting, magazine cutting and dinosaur puzzles.  

The children went over the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that each letter made. We then went over rhymes and played a rhyming game.  

Miss Jade spoke about ‘The Star of the Day’ and what it was. This was for someone who has made positive choices in kindergarten today. Today, it went to Malia.  

Please bring in spare clothes for children as the children often engage in water play. Please ensure all toys stay at home as the children will lose or break them. If you can, can you please purchase a class bottle of sunscreen for the children. Please ensure your child brings their Show and Tell on the correct day.  

Miss Jade, Miss Dakota and Miss Harmony