This morning outside, Miss Jade set up a tent to continue on the children’s interests in camping and campfires. Mason and Adrian helped Miss Jade bring all the wood/log cushions to the area. Adrian was discussing how he was pretending to cook marshmallows. So, Miss Jade said it would be a good idea for them to make their own. Using skewers and packing peanuts, the children were able to poke the skewer through the packing peanut and use as the marshmallows. Adrian enjoyed pretending to cook and eat them. Adrian threw all the marshmallows into the fire pit and Miss Jade said that if he throws them into the fire, they will melt immediately and could not get them out; that it why they use the sticks to cook amongst the fire to toast. Noah and Nicole enjoyed sitting in the tent. It was very comfortable for them as there were many cushions. 

Ryder was kicking the soccer ball outside. He was using his coordination skills to keep the ball close to him as he would kick it forwards as he wondered the yard. Jack and Mason enjoyed the hop-scotch. Starting at 1 and 2, the children had to ensure that they either hopped or jumped at the correct square. This was a great gross-motor activity as well as a number activity for the children to practice their number from 1-8.  

At group time, we completed our Acknowledgement to Country. Then, Miss Jade completed the roll. Once the roll was finished, the children helped count how many friends were here today. 

Ryder chose the ‘Days of the Week’ song and we completed the calendar. Kalani did our weather today which he said was “Cloudy and sunny.” Isaiah then chose a yoga video where the children had to quickly follow the yoga moves along with the lady. The children have recently been enjoying doing yoga at group time.  

Today was the first day of our Show and Tell. Today we had Leo and Mason share. Leo brought in a remote-control monster truck while Mason just brought in a monster truck. Sharing information about their toys allows the children to practice their speaking skills as well as their public-speaking. The children gain confidence in speaking in front of others by sharing information about things that they like. The audience are also practicing their listening skills and questioning for the end. Thank you for sharing Mason and Leo.  

The children then noticed how the tables were set up with tablecloths and cake stands. Miss Jade asked them if they knew a particular word that began with the letter T. Leo had said that he has gone to a place where he had something like this, but he had forgotten the name of it. Miss Jade said that it was called ‘High Tea.’ This was where people come to eat desserts and sandwiches with a particular drink that began with the letter T.” “Tea!” Noah replied. We spoke about what tea was and how it was made. We learnt that tea comes from plants, but it is dried up. Many children had tried tea before and some of their family members drink it.  

As the children settled into the seats, Miss Jade introduced the first tea. This was peppermint tea. The children smelt the tea leaves and said that it smelt like “bubblegum” and “toothpaste.” Miss Jade said that this plant is where those flavours are from. Next, the children had a little taste test of it. Many children were not a fan. Next was green tea. This one didn’t have a strong smell like the peppermint. After tasting it, the children were still not a big fan. Next was the chai tea. The children liked the smell of this one. This one smelt sweeter. Miss Jade said that this one had lots of spices in it such as cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Also, this one was often poured with milk. Tasting this one, this one was by far the best tasting one. Lastly was the rose tea. Many children enjoyed the smell of this one too as it smelt nice. Miss Jade said that some flowers can also be used as tea. The children were not a big fan of this one either. Today the children did enjoy this new experience and trying new drinks.

Today for activity time, Nicole and Irina were completing the teddy bear shape puzzle. The children had to match the body part on the teddy bear’s stomach. The other body parts had to be the same shape as the body. For example, a star; the children had to find all the star body parts to make a complete bear. Mia enjoyed playing with the tea leaves. She was smelling them all and told Miss Jade that her favourite one was the rose.  

Ryder was playing with the 3D magnetic shapes. He was building a garage. He had a small entrance for his car. Kalani and Adrian were building with the Brio. Adrian was making a T-Rex while Kalani built a car. Isaiah enjoyed building with the 2D magnetic shapes. He collected all the triangles and put them together. He noticed that it was slowly building a circle. Noah and Lilo built a marble track that they were so excited about. The love building tracks together and showed Miss Jade how quick the marble rolled down it.  

Malia was playing with the counting teddy bears. She pretended that they were families with a mum, dad and lots of brothers and sisters. Leo was sharing his remote-control car that he brought in for Show and Tell. The children lined up their chairs in a queue to wait for their turn. This allowed the children to practice turn taking and it was so kind for Leo to share his toy with his friends. Gideon, Edie, Emilio, Mason, Hermeros, Jack and Zayden loved having a turn with Leo’s monster truck.  

The children lined up at the side door in a line. Miss Jade and the children would then individually count each child as they exited the room to retrieve their hats for outdoor activities.  

 For table activities, the children enjoyed name-writing, Bluey magazines, puzzles, teddy bear shape match, home-corner and sea animals.  

The children chose the phonics song to engage in and we then discussed the letter of the week which was the letter T. We spoke about the sound it made and what the capital and lower-case T looks like. Then, Miss Jade read a story about a word that began with the letter T.  

Miss Jade spoke about ‘The Star of the Day’ and what it was. This was for someone who has made positive choices in kindergarten today. Today, it went to Edie.  

Please bring in your family photos for our ‘Family Tree.’ Please bring in spare clothes for children as the children often engage in water play. Please ensure all toys stay at home as the children will lose or break them. Please ensure your child brings their Show and Tell on the correct day.  

Miss Jade and Miss Mel