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This morning outside, Jack, Leo, Mason, Kai and Ryder were playing on the slide. The boys took turns in having races against each other to see who would reach the bottom the fastest. Leo and Mason then made themselves some ‘Jeskis.’ The boys sat in tyres and placed another tyre on the edge. They used shovels as the handles and pretended they were jet skiing through the water. 

At group time, we completed our Acknowledgement to Country. Then, Miss Jade completed the roll. Once the roll was finished, the children helped count how many friends were here today.  

Ryder then chose the ‘Days of the week’ song and we completed the calendar. Nicole did the weather and told us that it was ‘Sunny and windy.’ Miss Jade added that it was very warm on the weekend and asked if anyone went swimming. Leo went to the beach, Irina, Mia and Gideon went fishing, Kalani went to Sea World, Edie went to the planetarium, Ryder got a panda toy at the markets and Emilio had a spider in his house.  

Leo then chose a dance song and it was ‘Dance Monkey.’  

Next, the children practiced Waltzing Matilda, I am Australian in Auslan and the Ode of Remembrance. 

Miss Jade spoke about ANZAC Day and what it was. It was about how Australia and New Zealand went to a country called Turkey to fight in a war. At the war, many people had passed away and this day of the 25th of April, is to remember those who fought for the country. 

This week, our letter of the week is ‘K.’ Miss Jade asked the children who began with the letter K and wear a crown. Edie replied, “King!” Nicole, Kalani, Mia and Edie made some crowns out of paper today. The children to cut zig-zags on their pieces of paper and then were able to decorate it with rhinestones and glitter. This activity allowed the children to practice cutting on the lines. Mason and Kai were building with the blocks. They enjoyed towering the blocks together and then pushing them down.  

Noah, Gideon and Leo were building with the marble run. They were building really tracks, however were not very stable. So, Miss Jade commented how the track needed support on the other side of the track so it would not fall over. Once the children added support, Miss Jade asked if they could build a track with various ramps on it. The children would choose the ramp that they wanted and Miss Jade would tell the children that they must connect the piece with the holed side as this would allow it to continue the marble track. The children took this advice and attempted to make a track which went back and forth through the tracks. Jack enjoyed playing with the garbage truck. He was pushing it around the carpet and would search the floor for ‘rubbish’ to put in. Emilio wanted to play with the dinosaurs. He placed all the dinosaurs onto the carpet and was pretending to be all the different species. He enjoyed being the triceratops the most. 

Nicole, Zayden and Hermeros liked painting poppies out of the egg-cartons. They had to carefully paint the centre of the carton black and the rest of it red. It was messy, but had to make sure they were holding the carton tightly to support it as they painted. Irina and Malia were playing in the ice-cream shop. Irina was playing as the ice-cream shop keeper while Malia was a customer. 

The children lined up at the door to get ready to play outside. At the table, Lilo was doing some drawings with Miss Jade. With Miss Jade they were talking about the names of the colours of the crayons. There was a colour called, ‘Macaroni and Cheese,’ and Lilo spoke about how he was now wanting to eat some macaroni and cheese. 

For table activities, the children enjoyed magnetic letters, building with ‘Resources’, happy hammer Geo, drawing and cutting.  

The children chose the phonics song to engage in and we then discussed the letter of the week which was the letter K. We spoke about the sound it made and what the capital and lower-case K looks like. Then, Miss Jade read a story about a word that began with the letter K. After that, Miss Jade spoke about ‘The Star of the Day’ and what it was. This was for someone who has made positive choices in kindergarten today. Today, it went to Leo.  

Please bring in your family photos for our ‘Family Tree.’ Please bring in spare clothes for children as the children often engage in water play. Parents and families will be advised to wear masks upon drop off and pick ups. Children will be dropped off/collected from the gate only. If parents are not wearing masks, they will be advised to leave the centre to retrieve one.  

Miss Jade and Mr Don