Jingeri family and friends,

HAPPY FRIYAY! We hope everyone has had as much fun as we have had in Kindy 1 today!

Mr Don was away for half the day so Miss Mel and Miss Dekota ran the room today, and what an amazing job they did! Of course Mr Don was out of the class when all the fun happened (See below)!

The day started off rainy, so we began our morning inside. Weston and Ryder enjoyed creating Marble Runs on the carpet while Kalani has been working hard on his writing his name. Edie was feeling confident and wore her PJ’s and Slippers to Kindy today. P.S. PJ day is next Friday but Edie wasn’t fused at all. After all, Edie couldn’t have picked a better day to wear her PJ’s. Miss Mel received some extra help from Malia, Kalani, Isaiah, Edie and Adrian with painting some boxes for next week’s letter ‘X’. We will look at Boxes and X-Rays for next week.

We then continued with our show and tell. Today Kento, Maya and Sarah presented to the class and what a great job they did this morning. We love seeing their confidence grow! Well done friends. We then transitioned using our ‘W’ words. We love when we hear the children go home and come back with words that we haven’t yet come up with. From the beginning of the week to the end of the week, we can definitely see the children become more confident with the ‘letter sound’ we have been practicing, especially when the children tell us words starting with the letter of the week throughout the day. 

Today was a special day for us in Kindy 1. Vacation Care invited us to their Dance Party that was hosted by a DJ from the Magic Castle. Noah, Ryder and Malia were given a prize for best dancing. We love seeing the children express themselves through music! Kindy 1 also learnt some new dance moves from Michael Jackson, the ‘Floss’ and YMCA. And yes, of course the Educators got amongst this!

While some of us wanted to remain in the class, Kalani, Hermeros and Weston stayed in the class and enjoyed some Indigenous Finger painting and some intimate Arakan Training with Mr. Tim. The three boys showed great listening and followed instructions, so Mr. Tim rewarded them with a sticker each. Well done boys! Miss Kylie came down to Kindy 1 and gave us a special and spontaneous surprise too! How lucky were we today right? We were all asked to put on our warm clothes and head to the carpark. 3 very large animals were towed in into the Kindy carpark. Known as Aboriginal Floats, the animals were a Koala, Kookaburra and a Cockatoo. The children were amazed at how big they were. Some children even thought they were real as they could make their animal noise. “Are they going to eat us?” said one of the children. We had to reassure them that all was safe and they were NOT going to eat us.  

As the rain didn’t want to go away, not they we are complaining as our veggie garden is absolutely thriving! We continued to play inside and do table activities. These included imaginative play in home corner; Puzzles, free drawing, coloured shape building and construction blocks. 

After having a short rest, we transitioned to table and carpet activities.

  • Helping Miss Mel continue painting: Ceylon. Sarah, Noah, Lilo, Malia 
  • Free drawing: Irina, Emelio, Kalani 
  • Coloured shape building: Hermeros “Look Mr. Don, I made a robot”. Kento and Maya also enjoyed playing with the blocks. 
  • Isaiah enjoyed some time alone doing Lego. 
  • Edie was creative and put her paper under the door waiting for the wind to blow it away. How creative are children’s minds! 
  • Sorting: Kai, Adrian and Weston were super helpers by sorting the correct lids and pens into their correct place. You guys’ rock! 
  • Ryder also enjoyed some alone time in home corner as he was making cereal in his big bowl and spoon! There is a bad time for cereal Ryder, yum! 

Happy Friday Everyone. Enjoy your weekend and we can’t wait to have Miss Jade back after her week of celebrations! We miss you miss Jade. Mr. Don will also be sad to leave our friends in Kindy 1, but he is always around to pop in and say hi!