Our story:

Thankyou for a wonderful day friends!!


Today we enjoyed a big play outside in the sunshine. We loved exploring in the garden, mud kitchen, sandpit, pirate ship, balance beams and swings.        Paisley loved dressing up as an elephant this morning. We sat down on the seats with her friend Roman and Ethan from Senior Kindy. They were all soaking in the beautiful sunshine together. They then moved up into the mud kitchen area. Roman was doing a wonderful job at cooking in the kitchen and working the tap in the sink.

When Jack and Evie arrived, Miss Lauren took them both up the back as Evie asked to see the spiders. Miss Lauren was happy to walk them up to see if we could see the spider today as it has only been the spiders web we have been able to see over the last few days. We weren’t lucky enough to see the spider today either.

Willa loved swinging super high on the swing. She was even trying to hit Miss Lauren with a cheeky grin on her face and big laugh. She was laughing that hard she nearly fell off because she couldn’t hold on anymore. Funny Willa.

Kyree and joe arrived and they both found the balls to kick around the playground. Joe was happily kicking back and forth to Miss Lauren.

Harper was on top of the pirate ship exploring what he could see. He was looking through the telescope and crossing over the bridge.

Evie, Ivy, Paisley, Harper and Jack were waving and watching the police car going around and around on the road today. They were giving them big waves until they slowed down and gave us a big wave before going back off to work.


It was then time to head inside. We were lucky enough to have the other Miss Lauren join us in our room today as Miss Imogen was away today.

We headed to the gate and all walked into our room together.

Once we headed inside, we made our way around the corner to do a small group time before morning tea. Miss Lauren got her friends Willa and Evie up the front to talk about their time with Freddy Fox. The girls were very excited to share their experiences with the group. We then went off to wash our hands, find our drink bottles and make our way to the table. For morning tea this morning, we enjoyed delicious yoghurt and fresh fruit. 


We then packed away and headed off into the room to explore. As the children had asked to do playdough yesterday and we just didn’t have the time, we decided to do it today. Miss Bek was kind enough to make us some red playdough with Paisley, Chia and Willa’s help. When they arrived back, Miss Lauren asked the children if they would like to add in some animals that she had brought. The children showed their excitement through screams. Evie, Harper, Ivy, Paisley, Roman, Willa, Abby, Chia and Hunter were all exploring the different animals and playdough at the table. Hunter was excited to have the snake while Paisley and Willa see the cricket, just like in our story. Leo, Kyree and Joe sat down with Miss Lauren at the drawing table. They were all concentrating very hard on what they were drawing that they didn’t answer Miss Lauren when she asked them to tell her what they were drawing. Jack took some time out to explore the castle on the floor. He was using the little people to explore the different rooms in the castle. Abby enjoyed relaxing while completing puzzles on the floor up the back by herself before making her way back to the playdough table with her friends. The children were all still loving the loose part and insect area on the floor. They were all gathered around it this morning looking for the bugs and making them houses from the magic sand.


It was then time to head outside into the back yard for a big play. After we had packed away, we had Miss Maddy come into our room to take us outside for a big play before lunch.          The children enjoyed exploring in the sandpit, on the fort, in home corner, pushing and riding cars and bikes and hula hooping.


It was them time come inside one by one make their beds. The children still need some assistance from their educator to help but that’s okay.


For lunch today we enjoyed quiche cups and salad bar. After lunch it was time to head to bed to rest our busy bodies. We then provided some time for our friends to rest their little bodies and re-energize for their big afternoon play. Our friends who didn’t sleep we provided with quite activities on there beds.


After a rest, everyone enjoyed fresh fruit and pineapple cake, before getting their hats and sunscreen to go for a play outside.


Thanks for a great day Junior Kindy

Miss Lauren and Miss Lauren

Written by juniorkindy room