January 2, 2018 Junior Kindy No Comments

We didn’t do a morning group time this morning as the children were really keen to explore their new room.

Miss Cindy made some amazing blue play dough.  The children all sat around the table.  Oliver found a love heart cutter, he pressed and pressed but he couldn’t get the dough to come away from the table…he looked at Miss Vanessa , she helped him to get his cut out off the table. Lars also really enjoyed  the play dough, rolling it, making it all flat and the rolling up in to a ball again.

Home corner was really popular; at the beginning of playtime almost all the children were in there.  Samuel had fun playing with his new friend Jude.  They set up the table ready for a party.  Jude found the pretend ice creams…Samuel told him ”I like ice cream.”

Miss Vanessa set up a painting activity.  We used the primary colours – red, blue and yellow.  Brigitte, Bella, Sienna and Avery had lots of fun painting with the foam brushes.  Avery asked for the colour blue, Bella started with yellow.  Brigitte put her Mickey Mouse on the chair next to her, so he could watch her paint.  Sienna asked for each colour one by one, making sure she used them all.   Sienna started to use her fingers to paint, so we thought next she is here we might do some messy play.

Luna, Amelia and Sofia started their play with the dolls and clothes with the dolls house.  Miss Angela dressed the dolls in the clothes they gave her…the dolls looked very fashionable.  When Miss Cindy put the play dough out the three girls put down the dolls and moved to the play dough table…leaving Miss Angela to play with the dolls by herself J.

As the morning progressed the children moved to other activities, happily playing with and alongside their peers.  

The children did a great job eating their meals…we had to go back to the kitchen and ask Miss Juliani for some more.

After our fun activity time and lunch it was time to recharge our batteries. 

All the children had a little sleep today.

We then got ready to go outside.  Hats on, sunscreen on and shoes on. 

Miss Cindy sat with the children to put sunscreen on and had a little sing along.

A really great day in the junior kindy room. IMG_1831 IMG_1832 IMG_1833 IMG_1835 IMG_1837 IMG_1840 IMG_1841 IMG_1842


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