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Outside was so much fun, with the children playing on the slide in the sandpit.  Boston was discovering how fast the trucks go down the slides…we learnt we have to be mindful of friends at the bottom of the slide, as the trucks can go really fast. 

We came inside very early as we had to get ready for the Crocodile and Dragons show.

The children had a short group time with Miss Cindy.  Miss Cindy did our good morning welcome and read the children a story while Miss Vanessa and Miss Angela got the morning tea ready. 

We had a picnic morning tea, which the children really loved.  They them moved to play in the outdoor environment as we waited for the other groups to arrive to see the show.

The children all sat at the back of the room, as they are the ‘big kids’.  The Crocodile and Dragons show demonstrates some beautiful native animals for the children to see and touch.  The children hear about the environment and the need to be mindful about animals in the wild.

The show is really hands on and really challenges the children.  The Crocodile Man showed the children the animal, for example, the frog, he spoke about it and then allowed the children to get up close and touch the animal if they felt comfortable.  Samuel was very keen to touch the animals, not only giving them a pat but also allowing the lizard to have a cuddle and the snake to hang around his neck.  Boston was happy to just use his eyes, as were many of his peers.  Sienna and Jessie became brave near the very end of the show when the snake came out.  Harlow and Noah were keen to give each of the animals a pat, as was Oliver.  When Bella was asked if she wanted a pat, she politely said no.  Our new friend Jai was very gentle, as was Lars.  Brigitte, Arthur and Arielle were happy to have a look but did not want to touch. Avery, Jude and Amelia were excited to see the animals, especially the crocodile.  Luna did not want the animals too close, but was very interested in the show.

After the show we set up some painting.  Miss Vanessa made some brown paint with the children using red, yellow and blue.  We then painted a picture of a crocodile, connecting with the show.

The home corner environment was still very popular.  Bella and Avery were so excited.  They explored the new toys and connected with Sienna who is so excited about the new area.

Oliver took out the train set which was so much fun.  Lars, Boston and Jai joined him on the mat.

We also had puzzles and drawing on the tables.  The children really love the Easter colouring.

After such a busy morning we were very happy to have some lunch and have a little rest on our beds.

When it was time to get up, we went outside for a little play before coming indoors for afternoon tea, a story, sunscreen, shoes and hats ready to go outside for a big play.



More Photos tomorrow.



Written by juniorkindy room