Junior Kindy Daily Blog

Thursday 17th June 2021

Interests- Exploring in the nature, play dough, drawing with marker

Teacher Initiated– Practicing cutting with scissors

Centre PhilosophyLearning experiences connect with and extend children’s way of knowing, skills and understanding, which they bring with them from home and the community to the early childhood setting


Our story-

What a fun Thursday! It was a bit too cold to play in the front yard this morning so we stayed warm and played in Snr Kindy instead for a bit then when the sun came out and gave us the beautiful warm in the yard we went out. In the yard children were enjoyed playing with friends in the big space and beautiful environment.  Many children were so excited to show Miss Pishaya how many fun activities that they loved in the yard. Alexie was so confident while she climbing on the fire pole and told people what she saw from up high. Sonny, Justin, Alexie and Cooper were helping Miss Pishaya collected dried stick, leaves, seed under the tree. We planed to used them with the play dough that Miss Rowan made for us today.  Olympia and Sonny had a great time on the big swing with friends from Snr. Kindy. Justin, Klaus were having fun running around with Ray pretended to be the strong and brave superheroes. Then Klaus went to join with Leo in the fun racing with the big truck and cars.  Presley, Ayla and Leo were exploring with sounds of different instruments.  Summer, Leo and Jordie were warm up their body with the fun ride on the bike.

At group time today after Good morning song and greeted each child by their name then counted how many children in the class Miss Pishaya and children had a lovely conversation about their new classroom (Junior Kindy) Every loved their new big room.  At the end of group time Miss Pishaya sang the name song then children hop up one by one to the bathroom and washed their hands with soap before we have morning tea.

On the mat Leo, Klaus were moving their wooden trucks around the road mat. Klaus said, “ Beep beep I need to go to the shop.” Bella came to join in and showed them how to drive carefully on the road.

At the reading corner Olympia looked so confortable on her big chair looking through the book. Jordie got upset a bit so Miss Rowan came to comfort him by reading a book with him. That gave him a big smile on his face a gain then Sonny came to join in and listened to this fun story about the little boys rush to school and don’t want to be late. Daisy and Klaus had a great time talking about different animal that hide in the book.

In home corner Justin, Alexie, Sonny were busy cooking delicious food. Justine said he made an apple pie. He also busy tried to organise his restaurant to make sure it invited for his customers.

At the table children were using play dough for their creative sculptures. They also used some dried leaves, seedpods and stick that they corrected from the yard this morning. Miss Mariana brought the scissors out for children to practise their cutting skill. Everyone so concentrate and made sure their used it carefully. Cooper loved this activity so much. He shouted hooray every time he cut little piece of the play dough out.

On the other tables children were asking for drawing. They helped arranged the bucket of markers and tray of paper. Olympia, Justin, Alexie, Daisy, Cooper and Isabella spent a long create their masterpiece for their parent.

Klaus and Daisy were playing with the animal puzzles next to each other then both tole each other when they complete their puzzle. “ I did it!” and cheered. Summer and Isabella were helping each other on the Alphabet puzzle. They were so happy when they complete their task.

Before lunchtime today Miss Rowan read funny books about the Pug dog and the book that made everyone laughed because what they written on the book is opposite to what they saw. At the end they sang washing hands song and practice how to wash hands properly with soap through the actions in the song before we head to the bathroom one by one to wash our hands.

Our lovely meals today

Morning Tea: Turkish bread with Homemade baked bean.

Lunch: Rainbow roasted veggie bowl with brown rice

Afternoon Tea:  Healthy slices and apple

Notes: Miss Angela was away today. Miss Mariana, Miss Rowan and Miss Pishaya were in class today.

Thank you Junior kindy for an amazing day. I cant believe that last week you were in our Toddler 2. I just want to say that I am so proud of you. You all have grown and developed into happy and confident boys and girls. Thank you for your beautiful smiles, amazing energy and lots of fun learning that we did together. I love you all so much.

Miss Mariana, Miss Rowan and Miss Pishaya