Our story


This morning we had a fun time out in the big yard with all of our peers and educators. Our friends enjoyed splashing in the water, exploring the fort, riding bikes, swinging on the swings and much more. It was then time for us to head to the backyard and continuing playing and exploring more fun activities.        Paisley and Roman was racing each other around the yard on the bikes. When it was time to hop off, Paisley and Roman did a wonderful job at sharing the bikes. Well done friends. Felicity was waiting patiently for the swing after she had arrived later in the morning.


When we moved to the backyard Miss Lauren placed a water trough out and asked her friends what they would like to place inside. Paisley yelled out “animals”.  We found animals to add to the water and we added some old leaves that had fallen off the tree too.

Our friends loved splashing in the water with the animals. Miss Lauren then suggested to her friends that we might have a water play day outside if they would like to play under the sprinkler. All our friends were so excited. We decided to head inside for our morning tea before it was time to come outside and splash in the water.


We headed into wash our hands, find our drink bottles and sit down at the table. This morning for morning tea we enjoyed fruit bread, banana bites and orange slices.


It was then time to put our sunscreen on, find our hats again and line up at the door.

Outside Miss Lauren and Miss Imogen had placed out the trough with animals, buckets filled with water and the sprinkler spraying as they walked through. The children were also enjoying playing on the bikes, exploring the garden, reading books, sliding the slide, balancing on the beams and they even got the chance to watch the older children play sport.         Felicity, Mason, Paisley and Willa loved sitting down in the buckets of water and splashing around. Roman, Ivy, Evie, Emmy, Ethan, Marlee, Chaevin and Alex loved running through the sprinkler. Leo loved sitting down with the drum and making beautiful music for his friends and educators.

Jack loved racing around on the bike, missing the sprinkler as a little game. He also loved watching the older children participate in their sport morning. Ivy, Felicity, Roman, Marlee and Emmy also loved watching on and tried coping the star jump moves too.

When Harper arrived later in the morning, he loved sitting down beside his friends Evie and enjoyed quietly reading books too.

Paisley, Mason, Felicity, Roman, Ivy, Ethan and Alex loved sliding down the slide while Miss Lauren wet it with the hose.

We all went inside one by one to get new dry clothes with Miss Imogen. After we were all nice and dry and warm, we loved exploring inside. When Miss Lauren came in, we packed away all our toys and sat down to do our favourite puppets.          We loved stomping out feet, making angry faces, silly faces and big smiles when singing ‘if your happy and you know it’.


It was then time to head to the tables for our delicious lunch. For lunch today we enjoyed delicious Sheppard pie with salad bar and crackers. It was then time to head to bed to rest our well-deserved bodies. After our big rest and full bellies from our yummy afternoon tea we found our hats, applied our sunscreen and headed outside for a fun afternoon. 


Thank you for a great day junior kindy

Miss Imogen and Miss Lauren

Written by juniorkindy room