Our story


 Happy Monday everyone!


What a lovely and busy morning. We started off outside exploring in big pirate yard. Joe, Jack F and Paisley enjoyed ride on the cool green bike. Willa and Steve had fun in the sand pit building sand castles and mixing. Felicity loved waiting for their turn on the swings. Alex, Ivy and Felix were busy going down the slide. Jack N was taking care of his cars. Later we moved in the front yard where Iggy joined us and happily played music on the piano.


Miss Lauren and Miss Dana told her friends that it was time to go inside and get ready for our big day.

We collected all our belongings and made a line at the gate. We came inside and Miss Lauren asked us to come and sit down on the mat where she was going to sing our favourite songs Old Mac Donald had a farm and Five jelly fish. We all sat down and tried to help Miss Lauren sing. We loved singing ‘old MacDonald’s farm’ and Five jelly fish. Miss Lauren asked us what we would like to do today? Some parents have mentioned cars, books and trains as interests of their children. It was then time to have our nappies changed, wash our hands, find our drink bottles and sit down at the tables where Miss Dana had placed our delicious cakes and fresh fruit.


We then had lot of fun with train set, cooking in the home corner, looking at the car books, drawing and taking care of our babies.

Jack F, Paisley, Willa and Felicity loved taking care of the babies. Giving them milk from the bottles and even feeding them cake and vegetables. Alex R, Ivy, Paisley, Felicity, Willa, Emmy and Felix loved threading with a little bit of help from Miss Lauren to show us how to start threading. Joe, Steve, Jack N, Alex K and Iggy loved making the long train tracks for their trains to travel on.


Due to the big play inside we did only had a short play outside. We then headed straight to the tables and got ready for our yummy food. We enjoyed yummy tuna sandwiches and salad bar.


It was then time for bed where we rested beautifully before having a play outside while our other friends slept. For afternoon tea we enjoyed fresh fruit and crackers.


We then were able to find our hats, put our sunscreen on and head outside to explore the yard together.

Thank-you for a wonderful day today! We hope all our families had a wonderful weekend.

Miss Lauren and Miss Dana.


Written by juniorkindy room