Happy Friday Junior Kindy friends!

Our friend the rain was back this morning so once again we didn’t get to play outside until a little later on.  Bella, Olympia and Cooper were our first friends to arrive and they enjoyed puzzles, block construction and home corner role play.  Our other friends started arriving and once they were all here we sat down for a group time together on the mat.  We sang our Jingeri to You song and all joined in and clapped in time with song.  Miss Saki read a story about being kind to our friends and we then had a little discussion about what kind behaviors are.  We decided that cuddles are kind, smiles are kind, helping our friends is kind, sharing is kind and playing with our friends is kind.  We’re such kind friends in Junior Kindy. It is our friend Justin’s birthday today and we sang happy birthday to him beautifully.  A very happy birthday to you Justin!  Thank you for the party bags you kindly bought to share with your friends.

We sang our Bee Bee Bumble Bee song (started off by Klaus) and went to wash hands before morning tea.  Our fresh fruit and chickpea, sweet potato and tahini breakfast muffins were enjoyed by all.

While we were waiting for the weather to clear we chose our activities.  Bella, Daisy, Summer, Cooper, Klaus and Justin were all looking at books together.  Olympia and Ayla were doing puzzles and threading.   Miss Angela peeked outside and noticed some sunshine!  Everyone was keen to get hats and sunscreen and go outside for a big run around and play.

The swing was our most popular play space this morning.  We were very patient taking turns.  Klaus said “It’s the rocket ship”.  Miss Angela then did the always fun 3, 2, 1 Blastoff! game and we shot up into space.  We were taking about what we could see while we were flying.  Olympia said “sky”.  Klaus said “birdy”.  Cooper said “Bird”,  Daisy said “animals”.  Ayla was exploring the fort and the pirate ship.  She found a ball on the pirate ship and was having a great time kicking it around the playground.  After lots of active play it was time to come back inside for our lunch.  Today we had Fish Fajitas and self serve salad items.

With our beautiful piano and rain music playing we settled on our beds for a sleep or a rest.

Once everyone was awake we gathered at the tables for our afternoon tea.  We enjoyed our Energy Bars and fresh fruit.  We sang happy birthday to Justin again as he blew out his birthday candle.  When we’d finished eating we had a fun Friday Disco to celebrate Justin’s special day.

Thanks for a wonderful week Junior Kindy and a very happy Friday together.

Miss Angela, Miss Saki and Miss Mariana xxx