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Our story:


We enjoyed a big play outside this morning. We enjoyed exploring:

–           Sandpit

–           Garden area

–           Searching for bugs, butterflies and other insects

–           Swings

–           Fort

–           Pirate ship

–           Slides 

Felicity, paisley and Emmy explored I the garden. They searched through the bark to find insects. Roman enjoyed the sand pit and shoveled sand onto the giant dump truck. Chia, Chaevin and Leo went up and down the slides on the pirate ship. They all shouted “weeeee!” as they raced down the slides. Abby and Ethan enjoyed playing on the swings. They really enjoyed pushing their friends on the swing, what great helpers!

We then transitioned inside for morning tea.


Once our nappies were changed and we washed our hands it was then time to head to the table for morning tea. All our friends adventured to the kitchen with Miss Lauren to collect our morning tea today!

Today we had sultana bread, oranges and banana. It was then time to head off to explore the fun activities around the room.


Today for activity time we enjoyed:


–           Cutting activity

–           Puzzles

–           Blocks

–           Cars

–           Dancing

–           Hide and seek



Roman, Leo, Abby and Chia created big towers with the blocks together. Paisley and Ethan had lots of laughs playing ‘peek a boo’ on the teachers chair together. Chaevin enjoyed playing with our animal toys. Her favourite was a snake and she loved sliding it around the room. Alex liked reading stories with Miss Chloe. Alex enjoyed reading about the hungry caterpillar. Roman and Emmy solved some puzzles together. They did a great job at helping each other complete their puzzles. Chia, Emmy, leo, Felicity and Roman then sat at the table with Miss Maddy and practiced their cutting. Our friends enjoyed using their scissors and concentrated well whilst cutting their paper.

We then transitioned outside for a run around before settling down for lunch and rest time.

We enjoyed:

–           Sandpit

–           Bikes

–           Books

–           Home corner

–           Obstacle course

–           Bubbles

–           Fort play        Ethan and Abby enjoyed riding around the yard on motorbikes. They loved chasing each other up and down the yard. Felicity, Paisley , Emmy and Chia followed each other around on the obstacle course, They did great balancing on the balancing beams. Alex and Leo were playing in home corner on cash registers. They really enjoyed playing with the buttons and laughed lots when the register made noises. Roman and Chaevin got creative in the sandpit and built big sandcastles. They enjoyed jumping on their sandcastles and rebuilding them.


 It was then time to pack away the yard and head inside.


We washed our hands, had our nappies changed and sat down at the tables with our drink bottles and waited for our delicious lunch of fried rice and salad bar.


After lunch it was time to head to bed to rest our busy bodies.


We then provided some time for our friends to rest their little bodies and re-energize for their big afternoon play         

Our friends who do not sleep have quiet activities on their beds.

Everyone woke up recharged and ready for a fun afternoon! We ate some yummy fruit and crackers. We enjoyed the rest of our day out exploring the yard.

we found our hats, applied our sunscreen and headed outside for a fun afternoon. 


Thank you for a great day Junior Kindy

Have a great weekend!

Miss Chloe and Miss Lauren xx