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It was beautiful morning and great to play out. The yard was set with many fun activities for the children such as;

  • Water play
  • nice quiet book corner
  • bikes
  • truck and cars
  • tea set at mud kitchen

At group time, Grayson came up in front of everyone and told about the frog that he saw the other day. He told everyone that he saw a big frog in the garden it was green and black had blue eyes and jumped in a swimming pool. The children asked a few questions and showed great listening manners while Grayson was talking. And then we practiced some songs for our Christmas concert and Miss Kyoko read a story called Pig a pug. The story was about toy sharing. Harry said ‘I share my toys’ Gabe said ‘I share my toys with my friends too’ Grayson said ‘you say please I want it (when you want a turn)’

Miss Kyoko asked the children what they want to do today. Hannah-Baking, Grayson-Play dough, Johnny-Play with Pirate ship, Alex-plane, Luke-play with toys, Odin-play! Gabriel-play dough, Kizuki-Ninja turtles.

During activity time, Kotaro spent much time at puzzle table talking to Alex sitting next to doing puzzles. Alex asked for help nicely to Kotaro ‘help me please!’ and Kotaro helped Alex completing his puzzles. Yuzuki was at play dough table mixing red and green play dough making Christmas tree. She said ‘Look! This looks beautiful!’ Harry and Lucas were sitting next to each other again today at the table. Both had a car in their hand and making road trucks with play dough. Khwaish and Harper were at drawing table. Harper said ‘I’m Harper’ Khwaish said ‘Hi Harper!’ They were naming all the colours of the crayons this is red, purple, yellow..’ then Khwaish pointed to her yellow shirt and said ‘my yellow!’ Hannah was doing a great job at building an awesome castle with blocks. The castle looked like the one in frozen. Luke built an aeroplane with blocks and enjoyed playing with it. He noticed that Miss Kyoko trying to take a photo of his aeroplane and he said ‘you can take a photo of mine!’ Kizuki built a sword with blocks and said ‘I made a Ninja sword!’ Dion, Grayson, Odin and Gabe put dinosaur dress-up on roaring and stomping around the room. Johnny was busy role playing with a toy pirate ship and little people. He was making a story and there were quite a few casts in his story that was a reason why he was busy playing so many roles.

Please be reminded that our Christmas concert is on 6th December, Wednesday at 3pm to 4:30pm. Santa is visiting us at 3:30pm! Please bring a plate of food to share.

Written by juniorkindy room