Our story:

Happy Birthday Ethan and Happy Friday !!!

 Today we enjoyed a big play outside in the boat yard with our friends from senior and pre kindy. We enjoyed playing in the ship, making food in the sand pits, playing on the swings and riding the bikes on the lawn. Paisley, Felicity and Emmy had so much fun playing on the swings and pushing each other and taking turns. Chaevin, Kyree and Roman loved running throughout the gardens exploring and finding insects in the trees. Ethan and Alex enjoyed relaxing on the rocks in the sun then joined their friends and went to find some bugs in the trees. Joe and Abigail played with some of there friends from senior kindy and pushed each other on some bikes following a track that was made. Iggy showed up a little later and stayed outside with Miss Lauren then headed inside with Miss Emma and the rest of his friends.  We headed to the gate and all walked into our room together.


We then took off our shoes and hats placed them in the correct spots than sat on the floor with Miss Lauren and looked at some bugs and insects that had be frozen in glass while Miss Emma changed our nappies ready for morning tea.  We then went off to wash our hands, find our drink bottles and made our way to the table. For morning tea this morning, we enjoyed delicious raisin bread with watermelon and banana. As we sat at the table the children was told that it was a very important day as it was Ethan’s birthday. After we had eaten all our morning tea, we packed away then sat back at the table where all the children sang happy birthday and ate some special cake Ethan’s family brought into Kindy for celebrating his birthday with his friends and his sister in Talia who joined us for cake and singing Happy Birthday.  


We then packed away and headed off into the room to explore.

As the children all sat down on the mat as Miss Emma and Miss Lauren set up some laser lights on the roof and some music ready to celebrate Ethan’s birthday with a class dance party. All of our friends enjoyed dancing and following the actions of the ‘dance freeze game’ and the ‘animal freeze game’. Paisley, Emmy, Roman and Ethan loved pretending to be the animals that the song said to do and Chai, Felicity and Iggy loved to freeze when it said to and Alex, Chaevin, Kyree, Joe, Abigail and Harper loved holding hands and skipping around in a circle to the music and watching the lasers on the roof.


After our dance party we decided to put our hats, shoes and sunscreen on and head outside early to have an extended play outside with all our friends.

As we made our way outside the children enjoyed the sunlight and the warm as they played throughout the while yard. Chaevin, Iggy and Chai all loved running around with the animals and lining them up as they made the specific animal noises. Paisley and Felicity enjoyed going up and down on the bikes while taking turns and sharing. Alex, Joe, Kyree, Ethan Emmy, Harper and Abigail also were enjoying taking turns and riding up and down the lawn on the bikes and with the trucks and cars. Iggy, Chaevin, Chia and Roman were cooking up and storm in the home corner and sand pit as they were making food for their babies and each other.

After our long play outside we came inside one by one with Miss Emma made our beds with some assistance then came back outside. After all the beds were made we came inside washed our hands and got our drink bottles ready for lunch.


For lunch today we enjoyed pumpkin soup with fresh bread. After lunch it was time to head to bed to rest our busy bodies. We then provided some time for our friends to rest their little bodies and re-energize for their big afternoon play. Our friends who didn’t sleep we provided with quite activities on there beds.


After a rest, everyone enjoyed fresh fruit and beanie brownies, before getting their hats and sunscreen to go for a play outside.


Thanks for a great day Junior Kindy and Enjoy your weekend.

Miss Lauren and Miss Emma


Written by juniorkindy room