Our story:

Happy Friday Junior Kindy!

We enjoyed a big play outside in the playground this morning. We enjoyed the sunshine while exploring the garden area, swings, sandpit, fort area and riding the bikes. Paisley, Felicity, Emmy and Abby loved swinging high on the swing. Paisley asked Miss Lauren to push her high as soon as she arrived today.

Miss Lauren was telling Hunter that we found a lizard yesterday and asked if he would like to come and see if we can find it again. We went off exploring with our friend Abby, Ethan, Roman and Joe.


We then made our way to the back yard and all sat down to do our morning acknowledgement. The children sat around our special Indigenous mat and said the acknowledgment together. Our friends are learning the words more each day.


It was then time to head into the bathroom for our nappy change and toilet time.

After we were all finished, it was time to wash our hands and head inside for morning tea. For morning tea this morning, we enjoyed delicious fruit jelly and fruit bread with banana bites.


We then packed away and headed off into the room to explore. Today Miss Lauren asked Abby what her favourite planet was as on the interest sheet, her parents have written that she is interest in naming the planets. Abby said her favourite planet was the moon. We talked about what colour the children think the moon was. Abby said green, while others mentioned white, pink and blue. We sat down as a group and looked through pictures of the moon for the children to see. Miss An made playdough for the children to make their very own moons. Ethan, Emmy, Roman, Mia, Abby, Joe and Leo were all loving creating their moons with some help from Miss Emma. Miss An sat down with her friends and brought out the stainless-steel balls for the children to roll along the floor as a game. Chaevin, Chia, Iggy, Hunter, Abby, Joe, Felicity and Roman enjoyed pushing the ball back to Miss An.

Paisley, Emmy, Chaevin and Felicity really enjoyed being creative with the astronaut felt activity. They were also able to find Earth while they were exploring.


Miss An suggested that we head outside and play while the sun is out. So we pack away and heading outside and play. Outside, Roman and Abby asked for the puppet and reading books. Miss An read the “Dear Zoo” and the “very Sleepy bear”, There on our friends, Harper, Felicity, Paisley, Leo, Emmy, Chia and Hunter come along and join us. We sang some songs and also practiced counting numbers in Chinese too. Joe, Ethan and Roman enjoyed rocking on the seesaw. Chia, Chaevin and Abby are having a little race with our toddler friends. Iggy enjoyed a quiet played with his shark, cooking utensil and transformer. 


It was then time to head inside one by one with Miss Lauren and make our beds with some assistance. After all the beds were made, we went to the bathroom, washed our hands and found our drink bottles ready for lunch.


For lunch today we enjoyed corn chips, fish taco with delicious salad bar.  After lunch it was time to head to bed to rest our busy bodies. We then provided some time for our friends to rest their little bodies and re-energize for birthday party and the big afternoon play. Our friends who didn’t sleep we provided with quite activities on there beds.


After a rest, everyone enjoyed chocolate cake with fresh fruit. We enjoyed a little indoor/outdoor play in the afternoon.


Thanks for a great day Junior Kindy and wish you have a great weekend!

Miss Lauren and Miss An

Written by juniorkindy room