Our story


Welcome back to our second week of 2019. We are excited for a fun play in Junior Kindy.

Today we enjoyed playing in the big yard with the swings, water play, pirate ship and fort area. The slides, sand pit and the water play were the most popular activities this morning.


We then headed inside to do a group time, eat morning tea and activity time. The children enjoyed singing songs and completed out puppets at group time. For morning tea this morning, we enjoyed yummy yoghurt, jelly with fresh fruit. After we had finished, we went off to explore in our new room. We were very busy today.

Tohma, Felix, Alex R, Felicity, Paisley, Emmy, Iggy and Ethan loved exploring and being creative with the playdough today. Tohma and Alex R were making snakes with Miss Dana. Emmy said she was making Peppa pig while Paisley was making a castle. Jaden, Alex K and Steve played together nicely while they were building car tracks and pushing the cars around the floor. Felix, Joe and Felicity loved exploring in home corner with the wooden food items. Chia and Paisley loved taking care of the babies. Paisley was feeding her baby from the yoghurt tubs. Kyree and Ethan were putting the different foods into the microwave and pretending to cook it.


We headed outside to burn off some of our stored energy. Our friends Jack N and Harper joined us while exploring outside.

Harper enjoyed kicking and throwing the ball with his fresh Tohma. Jack was straight over to the forte area to climb the ladder and slide down the slide. Emmy and Iggy were already over there going up and down. Kyree, Ethan and Chia explored the sandpit with all the buckets, spades and bowls. Felicity and Paisley loved sitting in the water tub with the animals. Alex R, Felix, Alex K, Joe and Jaden loved splashing around with the animals in the bigger water tub. Steve loved quietly reading books with Miss Dana.


It was then time to head to the tables to have delicious lunch which was yummy spaghetti bolognaise and salad bar. It was then time for bed where we rested beautifully before having a play outside while our other friends slept. For afternoon tea we enjoyed yummy fresh fruit and carrot cake muffins.  

We then were able to find our hats, put our sunscreen on and head outside to explore the yard together.


Thank-you for a wonderful day today! We look forward to getting to know all of you a bit better as the year goes on.

We wish you all a happy and safe weekend!

Miss Lauren and Miss Dana

Written by juniorkindy room