Junior Kindy Blog – Friday 1/October/2021

Jingeri and good morning to our wonderful children of Junior-Kindy! I hope you had a wonderful morning!

Happy Friday and what a wonderful day we have had together in the yard all morning!  We were all busy exploring the yard this morning! Luckly, it did not rain so we get to play outside! Leo, Ayla and Charlie loved riding the bikes! They went around and around the yard! They were giggling each other and enjoyed riding them! Alexis was playing at the sandpit and she said “I am digging a big hole!”. Charlie enjoyed sitting on the sitting and being higher! Isabella and Olympia wee in the bush area finding ants! They got the leaves and tyring to let the ants walk on the leaves! Leo, Justin and Klaus were playing together and made sound of train like “Choo Choo!” Cooper said to Miss Saki “Look! There is a doggy!” and he pointed at the dog. He was very excited! Daisy ran to Alexis and said “Hi” to her. They then went to find the bikes together and chasing each other. Ayla, Leo and Charlie went to Tumble tots today! They really loved the gymnastic time! When Leo came back, he started to sing “If you are happy and you know it”. He seemed to be so happy! Ayla couldn’t wait for this day!! She waited whole week to go to the gymnastics! She really loves it!

After we took our temperature and washed our hands, we sat on the mat for the morning tea! We had the picnic today! It is always nice to have meals outside with some fresh air! Yogurt with fresh fruits were on the menu! We all loved it! After packing away the water bottles and plates, we had the group time on the mat. AS soon as Klaus sat on the mat, he found a bug on the mat! He said “Miss Mariana! I see something! It is a B B bumble bee!” We carefully observed the bug! Genevieve said “It is orange and black!” After observed the bug and discussed about the colour and the amount of legs, we said bye bye to it. To extend on Junior Kindy children’s interest on birds, Miss Saki read a story called “Busy Beaks”. The book is about different Australian animals! Before Miss Saki started to read the story, we discussed about the pictures on the front page. Olympia said “I have baby birdie at home!” Isabella said “EGG!”  and pointed at the eggs on the book. When Miss Saki asked what does the house that eggs and baby birdies live with the picture, Daisy answered “Nest!” how clever! While we were reading the story together, we tried our best to make sound of different birds such as Kookaburras and Cockatoos! Cooper said “I saw birdies and Kookaburras!” We all loved the book! As soon as we finished reading the story, Leo pointed at the 3 dogs that were walking on the street! They came closer to the fence and let us touch them and talk to them! We were all excited to meet them! We said thank you and bye bye to them!

As Junior Kindy children have been interested in birds that always comes in the kindy yard, we made birds nest today! We put some PVA glue on the paper plates first and we freely built the nest by putting different natural resources such as tree bark, small branches, cotton balls and leaves! Thank you so much for everyone who help teachers to collect all the natural resources in morning! Cooper said “This is for my bird!” As soon as Miss Saki asked everyone who wanted to make one, Isabella ran to Miss Saki and “Yay! I wanna do it!” Josh said “I am making chicken!” Justin said “This is for my grandma!” We were all good at making the nests! Our nests look very comfy for the birdies! This activity was really good for us to develop our uniqueness, creativity and fine motor skills. Using natural resources supports us to care for natural environments and develop respect for living things too!

As well as making the birds nests, at the table, we did baby birds colouring activity too! These birdies can go on to our birds nest later! How exciting! Daisy said “I want pink one!” and she coloured the baby birds pink! How cute. We freely coloured birdies and became really cute and colourful! Colouring is good for us to develop our concentrations, fine motor and coordination skills! Isabella and Olympia especially loved the colouring experience because they coloured 2 or 3 pages! How fun!

After we packed away the equipment, we continued to play wildly at the yard! Klaus and Daisy played together! They said “We are DK Max!” Olympia and Genevieve played together at the swing and they took turn to push the swing each other! Josh and Ayla volunteered to be a Miss Mariana’s helper! They swept the sand around the sandpit! Thank you so much for being such a great helper! When it was time for lunch, we lined up at the gate! We used our walking feet and went in the room to wash our hands first. We then had a yummy Nachos with salad bars! We used the tongs to get the variety of vegetables too! We absolutely loved our lunch and we asked more using our manners. We then settled down on our beds and sleep along the beautiful piano and nature sounds music. It was very relaxing time and we slept nice and quietly.

We hope all our wonderful parents of Junior-Kindy have had a great day! Have a lovely long weekend, everyone! See you on Tuesday!

Note1: We have an open day on 16 October. If you wish to come, please sign at the office.

Miss Saki, Miss Mariana and Miss Katrina