How long have you been in education?

Almost a year.

What is your role at Benowa Early Learning Centre?

Educator in Toddlers One

Do you have a pet charity or do you volunteer in the community?

I love retail therapy so I regularly make clothing donations to goodwill collection sites.

What are you currently reading?

I am more of a podcast subscriber

What are you watching?

I love to watch any type of documentaries

Your favourite food, sweet or savoury, and what?

My mum/grandma’s European dishes and I love anything with custard

What is your perfect weekend?

Having lunches with friends somewhere nice and on the water

Do you have a lifetime ambition or a dream yet unfulfilled?

One day when I am older to become a primary school teacher

What is your best childhood memory?

A funny memory, my brother cut my fringe himself a day before my christening

What inspired you to work with children?

Seeing my friends work in childcare and how happy it makes them

Who is your hero?

My heroes are my inner circle – they are kind, funny, uplifting and amazing!!!