Good Morning Senior Kindy.

Today the yard was set up with beautiful play areas including animals in the jungle, babies and dolls in the doll house, lego and the cars, trucks and bikes. All the children enjoyed playing in these areas with there friends from there room and different rooms. Cairo, Leo, Noah, Nylah and Luna loved playing with the babies and also with the animals in the jungle, they enjoyed pretending to be the mums and the dads and taking turns. Lennox, Marisa, Alex and Thomas were having races on the bikes and shared the cars around making the noises of each one. Lennox and Marisa also played a game of hide and seek and more friends from the other rooms got involved. Nate brought in a special spiderman mask today from home and Jaden, Nate and Ethan were pretending to be spiderman and loved running on the fort and on the boat. Evie and Masato enjoyed the sunshine while building some houses and towers with the lego that was set out on the mat with Miss Emma. 

After we had a long play outside we joined in for some Arakan. When we finished we then headed inside had some morning tea and got ready for our activities that were set up by Miss Cindy. Some of these activities were the toy cars that were suggested by Jaden and Nate, a doctors area with the babies as the patients and the doctor tools, face painting with Miss Cindy, little pet shop area and letter recognition with the letters in green play dough. 

Jaden, Nate, Noah, and Alex loved to pushing the cars up and down the mat as they raced there cars together. Evie, Luna and Nylah ran straight up to the pet shop area and picked a house and some of the little pets out. They enjoyed impersonating each pet and making the noises of each one while taking care of them. Cairo, Matilda, Leo and Lennox enjoyed lining up the babies and putting them in the beds then grabbing the doctors set and looking after them. Matilda and some of the other girls got there face painted by Miss Cindy, they enjoyed getting Elsa of frozen and the rainbow snake of the dream-time story. Masato, Thomas, Marisa and Bosheng sat at the play dough station and set out the words in the play dough. Miss Emma sat with some of our friends and tried to make words out of the letters including there names. They also loved recognizing the letters and what where some words that start with each letter.


Written by Outside School Hours Care