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Our Story….

Welcome back to another beautiful day in the Babies 2 room. We enjoyed a fun inside morning filled with book reading and song singing while all our friends arrived. Once everyone arrived we sat up in the high chairs for some yummy morning tea then transitioned on to the mat for activity time.

We enjoyed an inside and outside day today leaving the doors open for all the babies to choose their environments they wanted to play in.As we opened the doors for the children to choose their environment everyone crawled and walked straight out the door to venture outside. Harley was asking for ‘Emma’, so Miss Cindy got her speaker to put on some Emma Wiggle. Harley and Ivy both started to dance to the music and picked up some dancing ribbons off the ground and started to twirl them around. Kingston was enjoying showing everyone his walking and grabbed onto a walker to race around. Noah was building super-tall towers with Miss Emma on the mat outside, he loved when they fell and helped to rebuild them again. Matthew moved into the Row, Row boat outside and some of his friends joined him. Altogether we sung ‘Row Row Row your Boat’ and rocked the horse. India sat down with Miss Cindy and started stacking the wooden balls into the cupcake tin they worked together to fill the whole tin. After we enjoyed exploring our outside environment we transitioned inside for a small play before lunch. Matthew crawled straight over to the wooden rings and loved stacking them on the tree. Harley went and grabbed a baby and sat with Miss Cindy and was copying how she was giving a bottle to her friend India. Before eating lunch, some magnetic letter was moved out of the storeroom and put in front of the fridge. Harley, Matthew, Noah and Ivy all sat around the fridge placing the letters on the front until it was covered.