Kindergarten One


Happy Friday- and what a Friday we have had!!

We started the morning by getting ready for our excursion over to the school. W were very excited to e going over to the school. Miss Kate explained about the dangers walking over to the school and we all knew we had to stay in our line and hold our partners hand. When we got to the school we sat down in the hall and watched all the other classes come in. When everyone was ready, we were the first on the stage. We walked up onto the stage, waved to everyone and showed everyone our amazing costumes. We then sat and watched everyone else, we were very excited to see all the amazing costumes.

Once back at Kindy MR Brad met us in the yard, today he decided to do an obstacle course, we had to slide down the slide, jump through the tyres in the sand, run around the mat, climb under the table and up the rock wall and touch the wall. We all had a go and we were super quick- the quickest time was 19seconds!! Mr Brad and Mr Aaron were sneaky and worked together to trick us, we had to be on guard and watch both of them to cover our heads before they got us.

It’s Miss Pishaya’s Birthday today, so we made her a card, we all took turns in colouring in the card Miss Kate wrote and then we all wrote our names on the inside and drew beautiful pictures. The activities we chose mobilo, friends made trucks and cars. We also pulled out the rectangle blocks, friends were standing them up, side by side and knocking them over like dominos. Some friends enjoyed the Bunnings area, they were busy buying drills, nails and a saw to made a cubby house.

This afternoon we opened our 5th and final book of book week. Today was “how the Kangaroos got their tails” We were very excited to be reading an Aboriginal book. Stevie asked to paint some of the pictures in there and Miss Kate thought it was a great idea. We displayed the book and friends painted a page from the book- wow we had some amazing masterpieces! We finished Miss Pishaya’s card and started our Fathers’ Day cards. We stuck on the handles and locks and wrote our names inside. Other activities we chose were a phonics matching puzzle, we had to match the pictures to the sound/word. Duplo was popular with friends making Miss Pishaya a Birthday cake. Miss Kate put on a number matching game on the computer and friends took turns to feed the bear the correct number of birthday cake. To celebrate Miss Pishaya’s birthday we joined Kindy 2 for a party. We gave Miss Pishaya her card, sang Happy Birthday and had a disco!

What a great Fun packed Friday we have had!

See you all tonight!

Thank you

Miss Kate and Miss Nicole


Written by Kindy Room 2